Things that go bump in… my mind.

Dead. I just died.  Week 2 of Bryan being gone Tuesday nights for his dart league and I’m still adjusting. I dont remember being such a scaredy cat last season… but here I am, not able to sleep, freaking out over every noise. About 30 minutes ago I heard voices and noises outside and assumedContinue reading “Things that go bump in… my mind.”

Inner Voices

Today I felt like the worst mother in the world. I went crazy. I blame it on this damn pregnancy. I get stressed out very easily lately. I get overwhelmed and I want to cry all the time. I get frustrated that I have to clean up after this tiny human over and over andContinue reading “Inner Voices”

Fabulousness to come….!

It’s 3:04 am. I’m wide awake watching ‘blues clues’ .. And I dont want to be. Our night was normal.. I got home from work, showered, read my baby some bed time stories and blissfully entered dream land to the sound of the rain and a cool breeze outside our bedroom window. Fast forward toContinue reading “Fabulousness to come….!”

Introducing Mommy eFFer: Funny, Frugal, & eFFing Fabulous

Hello and welcome to my blog, an honest and crude look into the joys and no-so-joys of motherhood. My name is Leanna and I’m a mommy to an incredible little lady, Brynlee❤. She will be two in January! I started my blog and Facebook fan pagefor myself as a way to laugh at the stressesContinue reading “Introducing Mommy eFFer: Funny, Frugal, & eFFing Fabulous”