Daddy is a …Dick?

I just had to post this. My daughter loves to draw and color. What kid doesn’t!? She was so proud she came running to me with utter excitement! She said ‘look mommy’ and handed me the paper. I immediately saw a penis. I said ‘oh! …what is it?’ Just anticipating what could possible come outContinue reading “Daddy is a …Dick?”

Duct Tape Purse Tutorial~ By Tatum

~My friend’s awesomely creative and talented daughter wanted to share how she makes duct tape purses!! They are simply adorable {and so is she!}~ Here’s all you need: Fun duct tape, in your favorite prints, scissors, and a ziplock bag. {The kind with the zipper works best} What to do: First, wrap main color ofContinue reading “Duct Tape Purse Tutorial~ By Tatum”

Valentine’s Day ❤ Canvas Art

Miss bryn LOVES to finger paint! We just finished this little project today for her birthday photo shoot! {Those pictures will be ready in a week!!} If you have not seen it, please check out our Canvas Finger Paining Project that we did over the fall for a tutorial on how it’s done!!! I wantedContinue reading “Valentine’s Day ❤ Canvas Art”

Canvas Finger-Painting Project!

Pinterest is such a lovely place to discover awesome things to do with your kids! I think I’m pretty darn crafty and creative but pinterest is like a melting pot of thousands of “me’s”… And I LOVE it. I’m a member of my towns MOMS Club and I decided to host an awesome canvas fingerContinue reading “Canvas Finger-Painting Project!”