OMFG Best Pork Chops Ever!

Chicken. Beef. Chicken. More beef. Ribs. Chicken. More chicken. Chicken again. Beef. …. … Day in. Day out. On the quest for something other than beef or chicken for dinner, I’ve finally perfected pork chops! Thank God! What you need: 4 Boneless Pork Chops Mayo Shredded Mozzarella Minced Garlic Corn Flakes Salt & Pepper andContinue reading “OMFG Best Pork Chops Ever!”

$ave money! Bulk up your beef!

I’ve been trying to think of ways to save money on food. Meat is expensive but it is a staple in our household. Occasionally we do a meatless Monday but I’m finding that it’s rather limiting (because of my family’s taste buds) and I don’t end up saving as much money as I’d like. I,Continue reading “$ave money! Bulk up your beef!”

Paleo Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Hashbrowns

I LOVE eating Paleo/Primal/Grain-Free!! I truly believe it’s exactly how are bodies were made to eat. This is something that I could honestly write a book about and have never really shared with my blog world friends.. Embarrassingly, it’s because I don’t practice what I preach. In this world, in my home, for me personally…Continue reading “Paleo Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Hashbrowns”

A little beef goes a long way

Tonight I was doing my usual dinner prep and I decided I would share how I stretch 5lbs of ground beef. I kind of call it ‘partial freezer cooking’. Freezer cooking or once a month cooking involves one huge prep day of dividing all your groceries into individual meal portions, with lots of chopping, portioning,Continue reading “A little beef goes a long way”

French Dip Crescent Rolls

This dinner is one of my favorites! I was introduced to this meal by a family friend. He made them for a football party and they were delicious! I never asked him for his recipe, I just made up my own version, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same. The ingredients are quite simple. ThisContinue reading “French Dip Crescent Rolls”

Mommy eFFin’ good Pancakes!

I’ve finally done it! I’ve perfected my pancake recipe. Perfectly fluffy, not too thin, not too thick, simply sweet and delicious! This recipe makes a lot! So we had enough for 3 adults and one toddler PLUS enough for baby daddy to pop some in the toaster throughout his work week. Yields 14ish pancakes. WeContinue reading “Mommy eFFin’ good Pancakes!”

Crescent Roll Breakfast Wreath

The crescent roll breakfast wreath has become a delicious morning treat for my family. We rarely have breakfast together as a family because Bryan typically works 6 days a week. Usually Brynlee and I just have scramble eggs, pancakes, or cereal. But when daddy’s home, I like to make breakfast special. We had plans toContinue reading “Crescent Roll Breakfast Wreath”

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Breakfast Burrito

Last night I made Pam’s Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadilla’s for dinner. It was more than amazingly delicious! I’m kind if obsessed with sweet potatoes. 🙂 So I decided to use some of the same ingredients for a breakfast burrito! To make 4 burritos you will need: 1 Sweet Potato 1/4 – 1/2 cupContinue reading “Sweet Potato & Black Bean Breakfast Burrito”

Crescent Chicken {from ‘Comfy in the Kitchen’}

My friend shared this recipe with me and it’s sooo delicious and easy, I’ve make it over and over again. I thought I’d share it with you! Crescent Chicken from Comfy in the Kitchen. The only thing I changed per the reviews, was par baking the crescents with the chicken and cheese for a fewContinue reading “Crescent Chicken {from ‘Comfy in the Kitchen’}”

Crockpot Garlic-Lemon-Caper Chicken Breasts

Trying something new tonight for dinner. I love the convenience of my crockpot but sometimes I get bored with my options… it’s always a roast or … yeah, that’s all I can think of at the moment. This dish is half crockpot, half stove-top. Here’s what you need and what to do with it: 2Continue reading “Crockpot Garlic-Lemon-Caper Chicken Breasts”