#OperationLove34 {34 days of spreading love and kindness}

In 34 days I will be 34 years old. And what better way to celebrate than to fill my heart by being a light in someone’s day. October 9th•Day 1 Today was exciting being day 1 and all! I didn’t really have a plan. I have a list of things I want to do. SomeContinue reading “#OperationLove34 {34 days of spreading love and kindness}”

If I Was You I’d Wanna Be Me… Too!

Why are messages of positivity and self­-love always in our faces as something we should aspire to do, but at the same time those very things will be cause for ostracization? Like, “oh, she’s too much” or “She’s so cocky”, or “she’s just so full of herself”… or my personal favorite “she’s so fake!”. LetContinue reading “If I Was You I’d Wanna Be Me… Too!”

Upcycled Disinfectant Container

This was a quick and easy project I did with supplies I already had on hand, leftover from other various projects. Enjoy! Start out with any empty container. Wash and dry. Cut out fabric to size. I folded over some rough edges and used adhesive spray for a cleaner edge. Then spray adhesive spray (followContinue reading “Upcycled Disinfectant Container”

Dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man

Dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man, I apologize for not moving fast enough for you. You see, our van’s anti lock brakes have been kicking on for no reason. It was too cold to walk my child to school this morning and since the van is typically ok for short distances, I decided to driveContinue reading “Dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man”

I’m Never Going To Sell You Shit On Facebook.

So, correct me if I’m wrong… When someome recommends a lipstick they got in their Ipsy bag, you’re intrigued and want to try it. When someone suggests a show on Netflix, you binge. When someome finds the PERFECT hair serum they post about it and you make sure to buy it on your next trip to Target.Continue reading “I’m Never Going To Sell You Shit On Facebook.”

Things that go bump in… my mind.

Dead. I just died.  Week 2 of Bryan being gone Tuesday nights for his dart league and I’m still adjusting. I dont remember being such a scaredy cat last season… but here I am, not able to sleep, freaking out over every noise. About 30 minutes ago I heard voices and noises outside and assumedContinue reading “Things that go bump in… my mind.”

The Mommy Effer is BACK! (3 years later….)

Whew! SO much has happend in my life in the past 3 years. My last blog entry was 33 months ago to be exact. But who’s counting? I’ve decided to revamp this blog because I NEED it. Motherhood, my business, and ‘wifely’ duties have consumed me. Writing is an outlet. Being creative is my therapy.Continue reading “The Mommy Effer is BACK! (3 years later….)”