Dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man

Dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man,

I apologize for not moving fast enough for you. You see, our van’s anti lock brakes have been kicking on for no reason. It was too cold to walk my child to school this morning and since the van is typically ok for short distances, I decided to drive the 3 blocks to school. As I pulled out of the parking lot I approached you when the breaks began to kick in. I wasn’t able to accelerate. You kindly waved me ahead and while I appreciated the gesture I was at the mercy of my breaks. I immediately turned on my hazzards in hopes to signal you and others around me of my dilemma. I needed some grace, but instead all I got were frustrated arm gestures and a disappointing head shake from you.

Why are we all so impatient? Why are we so quick to be the worst versions of ourselves? Why are we so damn selfish? You never know what someone else might be going through:

  • The lady in the grocery store that you shared a smile with is the same woman you would later flip off in the parking lot. She is struggling with depression and today was her first day out of bed in weeks.
  • The man begging on the corner for money fought for our country and has no food or place to sleep.
  • The grumpy cashier is planning on ending her life today.
  • The slow server just found a lump in her breast.
  • The woman with the iPhone and designer bag using a food card is a foster mom of 8.
  • The suspicion teen walking into your store is taking care of his young siblings because his mom is a drunk and his dad is in jail.
  • The woman who seems to have it all together cries when she is alone.
  • The little boy who doesn’t say ‘Thank You’ isn’t rude, he has social anxiety.
  • The Mary Poppins mom who’s life you envy does all she can not to fall apart from her overwhelming life.
  • The child who isn’t wearing socks or shoes at the store has a sensory disorder.
  • The friend in your your life who is sickeningly positive and optimistic has every reason to be the opposite but she chooses the light.
  • The woman who is driving too slow is having car troubles.
  • The city worker cleaning the street just found out his son is in the hospital and all he wants is to get the job done so he can be by his side.

So, my dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man, I’ll give you my grace today…

Because we all have a story.

♡Sincerely, Leanna 

2 thoughts on “Dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man

  1. We live in a reactive society…we don’t see very far beyond ourselves…we judge before we take a breath. Thanks for the insight.

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