Things that go bump in… my mind.

Dead. I just died. 

Week 2 of Bryan being gone Tuesday nights for his dart league and I’m still adjusting. I dont remember being such a scaredy cat last season… but here I am, not able to sleep, freaking out over every noise. About 30 minutes ago I heard voices and noises outside and assumed he was home in the driveway. When he didnt come in after a while I got up and looked and turned on our security light, garage light, checked the kids, searched the basement, and had 911 ready on my phone… you know, completely rational stuff. 


I go back to bed and am reading articles on the life span of sperm (you know how one click leads to another and another and before you know it you’re like how the hell did I end up here!?), and 30 minutes later I hear more noises. I’m flipping out. I get up fully expecting to see a serial killer in my kitchen. I approach the hall and I hear it again, only this time I realize….

…’s the ICE MACHINE!

The flipping ice being dumped into my freezer. Good Lord.

The very moment is sigh a breath of relief I hear a machine gun going off to my right through my open living room window. My heart is in my throat and I can’t breathe… until I realize it was only the sound of my neighbors car starting. 



Holy shit.

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