Day 2 {100 Days of Happy}


I’m loving how focused I am on being happy! Every little thing that my children do makes me smile. In every peaceful moment I find a little bliss. It’s wonderful!

I’ve decided to ADD to my 100 Days list! To de-clutter our lives, I plan to throw away 100 things! I was inspired by this bloggers’ post. She recommends recycling or donating items, but if something is broken or unusable, throw it away.

I started in Brynlee’s room today.

20140402-221844.jpgLook at that- 16 things in one day! I grouped a few things together for the hell of it. The black bag is a bunch of trash and puzzles boxes and such. I figure grouping a few things here and there makes for more of an impact in reducing clutter. If I had counted every single my little pony and zhu zhu pet {15 & 16}, I’d probably be at 100 by now! It feels good and I have a lot more to get rid of!

The rest of today has gone well!

Day 3 without Facebook
Day 4 of flossing before bed
Day 1 without pop
Day 1 working out- 30 second plank
16/100 things thrown away 🙂

….ok this is bugging me already and I’m only on day 2 of blogging about it.. The whole ‘day 3, 4, 1, 1’. ..ugh! I wish I had started everything on the same day. Ideally I could ‘start over’ on everything but I’m proud of my accomplishments so far! I think I’m gonna ‘cheat’ a little and meet myself half-way and go along with the strart date of the original challenge, 100 happy days. I’m taking away a couple Facebook days and adding a workout and no pop day! I’m hopeful that I won’t stop at 100 and that what I learn throughout the next 100 days will have impacted my day to day so much, that a day or 2 in the beginning won’t even matter!
So I’m on Day 2 of everything! ❤
Day 2 #100HappyDays

She likes to ‘nuzzle’ me. It makes my heart smile every time she asks for this moment.


5 thoughts on “Day 2 {100 Days of Happy}

  1. It’s exciting for me to see you experiencing this. I have been feeling the same joy, finding the same peaceful bliss in every moment. It is wonderful to know you are finding the same contentment in the simple things life has to offer. 🙂 I am so happy and excited for you Leanna!

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