Mommy Tips I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me…

This will be an ongoing compilation of my day to day mommy struggles. Hope to make you laugh with relatable situations! If you have one, please share !! 🙂

20140318-145425.jpgIt just boggles my mind that she has 700 socks and none of them match. You’d think out of shear coincidence we’d get one pair!

20140318-145556.jpgYes, I know I could have left the carseat in the car. But Ty can’t quite sit up on his own yet, and he was sleeping until I brought him in.. He woke up and was fussy, so I stuck him in the seat surrounded by our cushy coats and blankets.. And no room for anything else! Oh man!

#3. Someone out there WILL judge you and not agree with your chosen method of feeding your child, no matter which one you choose. You need to do what YOU feel is best for YOU and your baby!



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