Three Month Weigh-In {Paleo Style}



I just knew this was what my body needed. REAL FOOD! If you aren’t aware of my new way of eating, you can find more information here.

Right after Christmas I ballooned back up to 206lbs. I felt bloated, miserable, and hopeless. The “Just Eat Real Food” post explains exactly why I decided to give Paleo a real shot this time… and I’m SO happy I did! I started eating a paleo/primal based diet less than 2 weeks ago, right before the New Year. The first few days of my sugar cravings were at times.. brutal. I ‘relapsed’ (haha) into a jar of Nutella a time or two.. but it could have been worse! It was just a spoonful and technically nut butters are allowed but not with all that sugar!
Over the next few days I found that my taste buds were changing, my cravings decreased, and I had an overall feeling of contentment. I was always satisfied and I NEVER felt deprived!

Avoiding grains and processed food is super easy for me. When I’m full on good fats and real veggies, my body no longer needs a food ‘fix’. This is HUGE for me! I am in love with this was of eating. I just can’t stress this enough! I’m ridiculously happy!

So.. what do I eat?

Now, I am not ‘strict’ paleo. I eat some dairy, mostly in the form of cheeses and butter. I completely avoid grains, rice can be ok, but i tried that the first week and it didn’t really agree with my tummy. As far as gluten is concerned there will be times where i ‘indulge’ in a corn-tortilla chip (corn is a grain, but gluten-free). Thus far I’ve been content with veggies as my ‘dip vessels’. I switched to Almond milk. I use coconut oil like it’s my job! {you cannot be afraid of good wholesome fat on this diet!!! When grains and sugars are drastically reduced or eliminated from our diets, the body utilizes fats for GOOD. Good cholesterol, good brain health, good bodily functions, no heart disease, no diabetes, no cancer, and weight loss is effortless!} I’ve replaced pasta with spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles. I eat a sweet potato nearly every day! Eggs are for breakfast {{YOLKS TOO!! Nature isn’t stupid}}most of the time with lots of veggies (usually leftover from dinner). I use lettuce to wrap up tuna, lunch meats. I drink lots of water!!! And I drink my coffee with heavy cream and a few drops of liquid Stevia, sometimes I’ll even add vanilla extract or a dash of cinnamon! {cinnamon is a natural blood-sugar stabilizer} I eat plenty of fruit too! I have also eaten fast food and drank lots of wine {GASP!} At McDonalds I ordered a double quarter pounder with no bun, leaf lettuce on the side to wrap it up with, fries, and a coke-The only pop I’ve had in a couple weeks! The fries completely disagreed with my tummy. It was churning after a few bites. We ordered Jimmy Johns one night and I got their ‘Unwich’, and at chipotle I got a fajita burrito bowl, no rice, chicken and steak, lettuce, peppers & onions, guacamole, sour cream and salsa!
I also had a few Christmas chocolates one night with even more wine.

I’m not perfect. I never want to be strict. That doesn’t work for me. If it hasn’t been successful for me in the past 15 years, it never will be. This works. The beauty in it all? I’m free now of calorie counting and obsessing over every little bite! The weight is coming off! I’m nourishing my body! But I’m still living in a fast-food-chocolate-cheesecake-ice-cream-deep-fried-pickle-world!! So if I want a sugary treat every once in a while, I’ll have it! If I’m in a hurry and have no choice but to have McDonad’s, I’ll eat it- heck, maybe even with a bun! The point is, I’m not solely nourishing my body with these things like most Americans are. I’m replacing carbohydrates from grains with nutritious vegetables!
It’s genius! Haha!

I’m also trying to buy organic when I can. {No GMO’s} Local grass-fed beef, naturally raised chickens, and organic cage-free eggs. I’m taking baby steps here, it can get costly, but for good reason!

Here are my most recent food choices:

20140112-170446.jpg Roasted chicken, slaw, antipasto salad, broccoli & cauliflower.

20140112-170512.jpgSweet potato stuffed with pulled pork and green beans in the side.


20140112-170648.jpgTypical breakfast

Tuna and avocado in lettuce 🙂 so good!

20140112-170745.jpgAwesome! I use REAL maple syrup too 😉

20140112-170804.jpgBacon cheeseburgers

20140112-170827.jpgZucchini Lasagna

20140112-170901.jpgJimmy Johns

20140112-170923.jpgSweet potato fries

20140112-170945.jpg I made an amazing butternut squash soup and never took a picture of the end result- this is it cooking before I puréed it. This was crucial to kick my sweet cravings! I put a little cinnamon in it and topped it with Greek yogurt- AMAZING!

Spaghetti squash!!! 🙂


All seems so indulgent huh?
Well all that yummy food lost me 6lbs in 12 days! I went to the gym only once! This may not be for everyone, but it’s a lifestyle that I’m loving and ready to take on forever!
Starting weight 12.30.13: 206lbs
Current weight: 1.11.14: 199lbs!!

I’m so enjoying my life right now!


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