J.ust E.at R.EAL F.ood!

{I’m REALLY going to try to keep this short and to the point. I believe what I’ve read and researched and conversed with others…. and read some more… and researched even more. I’m not a scientist or nutritionist or dietician, and yes, I’m overweight…. But I’ve come to my own conclusion based on my readings and from past experiences. I KNOW this is how MY body functions properly and at its best.}


I have been struggling so much with this journey these past 3 months. I’ve avoided posting on the Facebook page because I’m simply embarrassed that it’s not happening the way I want it to. How can I motivate others when I’m failing myself? I really thought I could eat whatever I wanted {in moderation of course} and with working out and my ACE, and lots of water that it would just melt off! Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. I wanted to prove that you can just live your life stress-free and eat and be merry while becoming fit and healthy. The thing is,I needed to figure out what was best for my body. Everyone reacts in their own special way to food. I’ve known for the past 3 years what my ideal ‘diet’ should consist of, but it was too much of a scary choice to actually follow through with. Now is the time to finally practice what I preach. {Deep breath in….}

About 3 years ago a good friend of mine blew my mind with her crazy way of thinking about food. For 26 years I’d know what everyone did about fat and how to be healthy. You were supposed to count your calories and eat a low-fat diet. Even the base of the food pyramid is founded on 6-11 servings of grain. The ‘whole grain’ revolution is everywhere! Study after study says that grains are good and fat is bad. We are SO WRONG! She never forced her opinion on me and actually never brought it up. I just noticed things about her health and how she ate (we worked at a restaurant together) and I started to ask questions- LOTS of questions! …and she answered them. She amazed me with a whole new perspective on what I had ever known about food and nourishment.

She followed a Paleo-based diet. This is where you eliminate all grains and refined sugars, and eat meats, fats, vegetables, berries, and fruits. Dairy in moderation (or none at all). Basically what our cave-man ancestors ate as hunters and gatherers. She told me to watch the documentary “Fat Head” by Tom Naughton and from there I was mesmerized. We have all been fed a bunch of bologna!!! The documentary may be long but he’s a comedian and he makes it fun (and a little cheesy), so it’s easy to watch! He basically explains how and why people are overweight. He explains how our bodies process fats, produce insulin, store fat.. how ‘bad science’ has led to the modern day belief that fats are bad and grains are healthy. It also explains how carbohydrates from breads, pastas, etc… break down in the body as sugar. Sugar turns into fat. Sugar makes you fat, not fat!

{To FULLY understand I desperately urge anyone reading to please read and/or watch the links I’ve included within this post. These are just a small sampling of all the readings and research I’ve found over the past few years.}

I followed this way of eating for a couple months and felt full and satisfied and had incredible amounts of energy. My mood improved and I was sleeping better. I also lost about 18 pounds! Looking back, I honestly have no idea how or why I didn’t stick with it. It could have been any number of reasons. I was a new mom, I worked a lot, I had a partner who did not understand or enjoy the foods I was making. I had to prepare two meals each night. I think I felt overwhelmed. All of my carbo-favorite foods were readily available, my love for fast food took over.. it just didn’t work for me at that time in my life. I packed on the pounds and pretended that I could ignore the one thing that finally worked for my body!

So here I am, a few years later. Trying every other trick in the book to lose the weight. When in the back of my mind I know what to do. It was late the night before New Years Eve, I couldn’t sleep and I somehow stumbled back into the google-world of the Paleo way. I found this little gem that brought it all back to me.

This breaks it all down for you in the simplest way. It’s such an eye opener! Honestly, I felt really dumb that all these years it didn’t occur to me that human bodies were designed to eat REAL food. Think about it!!! Only over the past couple hundred years has ‘fake’ food, or “frankenfoods” as I like to call them appeared. And that is exactly when disease and obesity took over.

Here, this guy explains why grains are not meant for our bodies to digest in a short 2 minute video.

John Durant explains everything very well in this fundamentals of paleo video, it’s nearly an hour an not nearly as entertaining as Fat Head.. but its so informative!!

Lastly, are 2 awesome success stories I found.


What I’ve learned is that this way of eating improves all functions of our bodies. We can eliminate medications, cure diabetes, improve our cholesterol levels, heal our guts, improve our moods and eliminate depression, I once saw a video where a woman reversed the affects of MS on her body, and even cancer patients opting against chemotherapy and healing their bodies with food.. after all, cancer thrives on sugar {just *think* about it} and …so on and so on…… Why on earth wouldn’t you try it?! Even for just 2 weeks!? Start out small. You do not have to go strict-paleo. You can modify it to what works for you. Keep in mind a couple simple rules: Healthy fats are required {I cook with coconut oil and …GASP butter!!}, lots of vegetables, try to eat whole foods {not whole grain} but foods in their most natural, unprocessed state. Limit your sugar. The key is to keep your insulin levels low, so you don’t store unnecessary fat. I’ll say it one more time: Carbohydrates from breads, pastas, etc… break down in the body as sugar. Sugar turns into fat. Sugar makes you fat, not fat! Just do your own research. Go to paleo blogs and ask questions! I’m on my first week and it’s a lot easier than it was the first time around. This time I think I’ve realized that it’s not completely about the number on the scale but about my health! The weight loss will simply be an awesome side affect of a healthier way of living! Bryan is on board too (for the most part)! He supports me and knows that I’ve done my research. He even ate cauliflower mash for me tonight instead of the usual mashed potatoes! Haha!♥

Will I never eat McDonalds again? I don’t know. My hope is that eventually with a healed body, I will no longer crave those foods. I’m still realistic. I know that easy, fast, convenient foods are always going to be in this world. I will try my best to be prepared. Knowing what I know now… there’s no way I’ll ever eat the way I did before. Slowly my family will too!

I honestly could write a book, but I will stop here. This diet isn’t for everyone. Some people have adapted, my body can’t thrive on grains. Nutrient dense organic vegetables and fruits along with grass-fed beef, free range chickens and pork are the ideal diet for me. I’m really excited for my future! {Exhale…}

Here are some examples of my most recent food choices:


Sweet Potato Hashbrowns

sweetpots and berries

Brynlee is having berries and leftover roasted sweet potatoes for breakfast!


Scrambled Eggs with kale, tomatoes, & sausage♥

spaghetti and meatsauc

Spaghetti Squash! To DIE FOR! The happiest discovery for me. I’m Italian and I thought that replacing pasta would be a challenge. NO WAY! This is so much better!! I’m in LOVE! oh and the meat sauce was made with grass-fed beef 🙂


She BEGGED for ‘different sghetti” the next day for lunch 😀

breakfast hash

Another amazing and satisfying breakfast. Free-range egg on top of roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.


Here’s my cauliflower mash! with some lemon garlic baked chicken and roasted green beans.

Here’s to health, happiness and LIFE!




3 thoughts on “J.ust E.at R.EAL F.ood!

  1. It is awesome that you are finding something that both works for your body and that you’re excited about!

    I don’t think you should criticize your “failings”. They are learning processes we can all relate to. Who hasn’t started a diet and not had it work out the way it was supposed to, for whatever reason? I know I had given it at least 3 good tries and a dozen half hearted attempts before I managed to find what works.

    Your failed attempts just seem like trial and error. Now you know what is going to work best for you. Now you are ready for success!

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