One Month Weigh In


One day, one pound, one inch at a time. I started my ACE weight loss journey a month ago. I lost 5lbs right away. I was super excited! I had energy to go to the gym and I continue to go 3-4 days a week now. Every time I weigh myself I get discouraged because the scale won’t budge.

I wish I had taken measurements and I will today, because I FEEL better! I feel stronger! I know I’m doing the right things regardless of what that damn scale tells me. I’ve decided to only weigh myself monthly. Tough but I’m going to do it. Another thing I need to remind myself is that it’s going to take TIME! I’ve tried to lose weight on and off since I was a teenager. I’d get mad because it would come off in 2 months!! This time, I’m being realistic. I’m allowing myself ONE YEAR! I’m allowing my body to take it’s time because I know it won’t be over night, time will allow it to become a lifestyle change for me, and I know the results will last and be worth it! Just ONE YEAR to make up for all that wasted time yo-yo- ing.

I know that with being a busy mom and having just had a baby that my body is still getting back to normal. Sleep deprivation also affects fat loss. Things will get back to normal and it will happen sooner than I think! I’m excited to know that this is FINALLY my moment!

I’m really excited and positive about my journey. A 60lb loss is just 5lbs a month for a year. I’m also ahead of the game because my goal is my 30th birthday next year which is technically about 13 months after I started.

So in one month I’ve lost 5bs.
I’m taking that as progress!
I’m proud of myself!!
Here’s to 5 more on December 11th.

I will try to make it a point to post after each monthly weigh in! And once I’m comfortable, I’ll post progress pics!!!

Beginning weight~205
November 11th~200
December 11th GOAL: 195
I want to see 199 SOOOOO BAD!!!

Wish me luck!


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