Never Pay For Toothpaste Again!

Couponing doesn’t ever have to be extreme. It can be simple and fun! I don’t coupon every trip. Sometimes I go insane and attempt an extreme shop and sometimes all I get is some free toothpaste. Either way, I’m saving money, one little penny at a time.

My goal here, is to give you the baby steps to learn what I know. I don’t know it all and I hope to learn more through teaching.

First things first.
Find your coupons.
I collect Sunday papers. This is where you will find coupon inserts. Smart saver, Red Plum, and P&G. Go to McDonald’s after the morning coffee crew leaves, you’ll find an abandoned one- or TWO! The more the better.

Save them.
Coupons and ad’s typically won’t match up week to week. This will take time. Don’t clip any, don’t put them in a binder. For me, this wastes time. I take a big sharpie and write the (sunday)date on it really big and stick it in a folder.
…and wait.

Utilize the Internet.
I use coupon mom and many others. Google ‘coupon match ups’ and select your area, store, etc.. They will tell you a sale and where you can find your coupon.
For example: {deal is example only}
Giant Eagle
Colgate toothpaste 2 for $3 ($1.50ea)
75c off 10/13 RP
FREE after coupon

This is where you’d get out your folder, find your RP {‘red plum’ insert from the paper} labeled for 10/13
Find that coupon and clip it!
Go to your ‘doubling coupon store’, mine is Giant Eagle.
Grab just one tube fitting the description on the coupon.
It will ring up as $1.50.
The coupon will scan for .75c, then *double* for .75c.
And that’s it! FREE!!!

Giant Eagle doubles coupons up to 99c, meaning if a coupon is 99c and under, it’s value will be doubled. A $1 coupon will not.

For the sake of simplicity, anytime you see a 75c off toothpaste coupon like picture above- hold onto it for dear life! Because there are always 2 for $3 sales.

Now, if you want to get “extreme” or some variation of a crazy couponer here’s the key: Finding multiple inserts. The more you have, the more you save.
Stores will typically run sales in a 3 month rotation. So stock up on your free toothpaste to get you through 3 months.
Get your inserts from McDonalds, your neighbor, your mom, a friend.. or pay for a subscription. If you were to have 4 coupons, you could get 4 free tubes to begin your stockpile.

You can also get them online. You can only print 2 of the same coupon in a single day. Do not copy.

Well I hope this was easy! Go find your coupons now and wait for a sale!!

Feel free to add your own tips or ask questions!!!!
I will be posting more ideas, tips, and tricks soon!

Jessica writes-
As for Giant Eagle, you can also register your Giant Eagle card on their website and clip ‘ecoupons’ to your card. They automatically come off at the register when you scan your Giant Eagle card and a lot of times the ‘ecoupons’ will match the Sunday coupons so it’s like getting 3X the amount (as long as it is under $.99)


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