Egg White & Lemon Face Mask

Hi friends!!!
I started my part- time, in-home, nanny position today. A little sweet 3 year old boy named Cameron. Two toddlers totally wiped me out! But, alas, it is nap time and I decided to pamper myself this afternoon.

I have huge pores on my nose and little white head flecks all over my chin. I love the pore strips but they are pricey! I have a recipe for homemade strips but they require gelatin, which I don’t have on hand today. So I googled a few things and found the egg white mask! I
put a couple different ideas together and made my own. Very simple.

Here’s what you do:

Separate egg white in a bowl. Save the yolk for this awesome treat!

Add a couple drops of lemon juice and whip til frothy.

Tear sections of tissue and apply to face.


Let dry for about 15 minutes or so.

Peel off and wash away.

Instant face lift and your pores will disappear!

There’s speculation that the vitamin A in the egg whites is very good for skin and it draws out the oils and dirt. The lemon juice acts as a cleanser.
I’ve read that people to this daily but I will do it once a week I think.

I also finish with a touch of coconut oil because I’m obsessed with it and it’s so good for your skin!! Even oily skin! Just don’t plan on leaving the house for a white as its very slow to absorb.




4 thoughts on “Egg White & Lemon Face Mask

  1. I have awful pores, so I’ll definitely have to try this!

    Last year, I won a raffle at a Sephora event (I spend too much money there and am a VIB, haha) and it had a coconut water spray. It’s kinda amazing!

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