Week 1

Day 1
I’m starving!!! Every time I start a workout my body is like a ravenous monster {with good reason} -only I’m
a girl and I end up eating like a man. I ate ok at work- had some brown rice sushi and a co-worker brought in her yummy pork and sauerkraut for me because I said I hated it. She proved me wrong. She makes it delicious!! I’ll have to get the recipe from her and share it with you {with her permission of course} 😉
After work I made a chicken wrap and shared a bottle of Zin with baby daddy! I love wine 🙂
Day 2
Almost didn’t work out today..Already on day 2 I’m making excuses like ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I need to clean this or that’… Thank God for Meghan! She texted me and told me how her workout went and I started to tell her how I was going to do it after work.. but I was worried that I wouldn’t. So I said screw it! It’s ONLY 20 minutes!!! I threw my work clothes in the dryer, popped dinner in the oven, and did the damn thing. I won’t get results if I don’t put in the time. Period!



Just finished work and did some grocery shopping.. it’s almost midnight and I NEED food! I’m starving. I did not eat a bite at work {proud!} I had a ham sandwich for lunch at noon. So I’m going to try to get off the couch {SO sore} 😦 and make myself a salad!

This was the largest, most delicious salad I’ve ever made! I could not finish it. {believe me, I tried!}
Romain & Spinach
Artichoke hearts, cucumber, carrot, green olives, pimentos, green pepper, tomato, mozzarella, & croutons
salt & pepper
Italian dressing
Soooo good!
Just wish I had a little avocado and it would have been perfect.
I’m glad I like salads. It makes it easier to add nutrient rich foods into my day.
So Brynlee woke up crabby and very early this morning. I got about 4 hours of sleep and was a zombie.
I had every intention of skipping the afternoon shred, napping when she did, and working out when I came home from work tonight. This still scares me and I don’t trust myself to do that just yet. So I laid down and awaited the bliss of slumber…
I set my alarm on my phone for 3pm, allowing me 2 hours of sleep. Enough time to get up, and get ready before I have to leave at 4.
Brynlee woke me up {again} a half hour early. Incredibly, I felt fine! Refreshed! And the guilt of not taking advantage of my extra time was creeping in..
So I decided to try the workout with her playing next to me. She thought it was the greatest thing ever! She was running around, spinning, convulsing, and falling on the floor with giggles because she still can’t quite coordinate all the moves with her little body. Adorable! And fun! And so worth it! I’m glad she allowed me to get that in today and now maybe this can be our morning routine together instead of me waiting until nap time. I think it would make the day a lot more organized for me.
Here’s a short video of her trying to do jumping jacks!
I’m so proud of myself it’s unreal.

Middle of the night blabber
I. am. so. sore.
My entire body aches. Even my bones. 😦 It’s hard for me to sleep. I’d go get some ibuprofen if I could get out of bed. …
I weighed myself this morning.
I can’t believe I already lost 2lbs. But I guess it makes perfect sense.. I’m so out of shape that my body was like- what the eFF!!??
Anyway, I went to the gym
today instead of doing the shred. I was in the elliptical for 25 minutes, and it felt good!! Now… now it feels oh so bad. My legs feel like they were beaten with a baseball bat. I need to rest tomorrow for certain. I’m listening to my body and it’s screaming bloody murder. I’m I’m so much pain 😦
.. but it’s worth it.

I woke up today very stiff and sore. I felt like an old lady. My bones were cracking and my knees were popping! For those that don’t know, I’ve self diagnosed myself {don’t worry -I’m a doctor} with Spinal Stenosis. It’s a hereditary condition where the spinal column deteriorates and closes in on itself over time. My grandma and my mom have it, and have undergone surgeries to alleviate the pain. Since I was in middle school I’ve had pain issues in my lower back but it was never bad enough to affect me enough to worry. It would start with a sharp shooting pain and it would be uncomfortable to bend. Once I was sitting I’d be fine, but as soon as I stood up it would be debilitating. Once I was standing for a while, the pain would ease and I’d be great until I needed to sit- debilitating pain again. But this would only last a day and I’d be fine. Just in the last 2 years the pain comes more often, especially after a long shift at work, bending, lifting, and cleaning. Now the pain will last for daaayyyss! The last time I had a ‘flare up’, I was out for 5 days and had to miss a couple shifts at work. I was useless.
This morning I woke up with all the warning signs of a flare up ready to attack. I was defeated. It’s always something! Today was supposed to be my day off, my day to get some good cleaning done around the house and spend time with my family. I knew that this would put me out for a few days and so I decided to google “lower back streches”. The {pre-natal modified} child’s pose from yoga is the only one I know and helped my sciatic pain when I
was pregnant with B. Today that wasn’t helping. One of the first search results to pop up was this YouTube video. Let me tell you.. I followed through each one and half way through I felt the pain disappear!!! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing I feel. I urge you, even if you don’t have back pain to do these stretches! It’s simply incredible!

I’ve been cleaning the kitchen all afternoon and my back feels so good! Pain free all day and it feels strong too! My entire body is so grateful to have today off- haha! My body aches have subsided, thank the Lord!! I plan on waking up and doing the shred first thing in the morning 🙂 It feels so good!

So even though I started this weight loss journey on a Wednesday, I want my weigh in date and my week to end on Friday. Therefore I will be making these posts and weight updates on Fridays. I’m going to post this today {Sunday} and again on Friday as my week 2 update and each day will be named as opposed to numbered. Wish me luck for week 2!!! I can’t wait to post some before and after pictures!!!

💋Leanna! 🙂


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