Valentine’s Day ❤ Canvas Art

Miss bryn LOVES to finger paint! We just finished this little project today for her birthday photo shoot! {Those pictures will be ready in a week!!}

If you have not seen it, please check out our Canvas Finger Paining Project that we did over the fall for a tutorial on how it’s done!!!

I wanted to share a project that we did earlier this year for Valentines Day.

It’s pretty simple.
I purchased a canvas from a local craft store.
A pink paint marker.
Paint brush.
Stencils- for the dragonflies. {optional}
Plus some tempura paint I already had at home: Red, pink, and a glitter pink. {blue & green for the dragonflies}
This project differs from the finger-painting ones as I am doing most of the work, not Brynlee. Also, the paint is not necessarily kid friendly but I only used the red on her feet for like 2 minutes and then washed it off.

So I’m sad to say that I must have deleted a super-cute picture of Brynlee with paint on her feet.. but it’s simple..
I sat on the kitchen floor and put her {diaper only} on a chair. I painted the red paint on one foot and with my hand on the back of the canvas, pressed my hand to her foot. I repeated with the other foot to make a heart shape. Then I let them dry.
I made 4. One for Grandma & Poppy, Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa, and Gweemo❤ {my grandma}

{My phone is being terrible and making some of my pictures all pixelated.. This is the best I can do for now.. I can’t wait to get a new laptop next month!!!}

Next, I used the paint marker to draw the heart around the feet and used the paint brush to blend the different paints along the heart outline. Then I added the phrase

From the tips of my toes to the bottom of my heart I love you!

Adding little hearts all over, of course.

Now, the quote makes more sense if worded the other way around – bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, {because love comes from your heart, duh} ..but because of the way I started at the bottom and came to the top, I thought the words should mimic the picture.
I also taped on the dragonfly stencils and blended some blue and green.
The great thing about canvas is that if you mess up, which I’ve done a few times, you can quickly wipe the paint off with a baby wipe and it comes off nearly completely. I say that because I can tell its a touch smeared looking {like literally 99.9% of it is gone} but no one else can see it. Just look at the top dragonfly.. Can you see a mess up? I wiped that sucker off at least 4 times before I got him right.
Have fun mommies!!

A couple days after the project, I was folding laundry and found this on the shirt I was wearing that day. She must have bumped me! Anyway, it won’t come off and I love it!!!



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