I’m about to get more personal than I ever thought I would on here.. But as I sit here on my living room floor… in tears… surrounded by an amazing blessing, I feel compelled to share my little story.

We are broke.
It’s that simple.
Money has always been tight for us and I’m sure that most of you can relate. What do we do? We get by, we manage, we sacrifice, we deal with it.

Being a server I’m used to not knowing what I’m going to make each month. If I’m sick, I’m out a lot of money. Just 2 weeks before Christmas I was so sick that I missed out on 5 shifts. Five! That easily could have been $600 or more for me. Plus, I don’t have health insurance- so in order for me to not get fired I need a doctors excuse. I had to pay $60 to get a note allowing me to lose $600. No fun.

I need to learn to save. That’s my problem. I’m good at the homemade, frugal thing. I’m good at only buying what we need. I’m good at going without so my child doesn’t. I’m not good when things come up- my car needed a $400 repair last month, for instance. I’ve also been playing catch-up with Verizon since September on our cell phone payment. The list could go on..
But I keep pressing on. I work hard, spend wisely and when i just cant do it anymore… my mom calls me. Its like she can hear my heart calling out to her. She just knows. She’ll hand me a $50 here, $30 there, buy me groceries, give me gas money, gift cards, you name it! One time she gave me a hundred dollar bill and I immediately drove to the grocery store, sat in the parking lot in my car and sobbed my eyes out for ten minutes before i could manage to go inside. My mom is a true blessing! Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for my her. She has made many sacrifices for me… and I just hope to one day give back to her.

I love you mommy!

So I’ve been feeling an extra pull on my heart from God lately. I’ve been feeling very blessed and content with my life- even with my struggles. I keep hearing in my head- everything is going to be ok. I’ve been praying more, I’ve been setting savings goals. I’ve been thanking God more for what I do have rather than what I don’t.
…. and here comes the magic.
Since this new found peace, blessings have been pouring in my direction!

The other night I was planning a grocery shop and was in tears because I couldn’t afford everything we needed with Christmas coming up. We were staring to put things on credit cards!! ugh! So I cried {yet again} to my mom about how we couldn’t afford to buy Brynlee anything for Christmas. I didnt intend on crying to her nor did i expect anything- it just all came out in one big emotional mess. I thought I was ok with not getting her anything since she’s so little and doesn’t know the difference- but people kept asking me over and over again- ‘what are you getting Brynlee? It tore me up inside..
My mom shared my story with a co-worker of hers and between the two of them they purchased us a $75 gift card to Kohls, $25 to Toys R Us, and a $25 gift card to Giant eagle. This was so we could get things for Brynlee and have some food on the table.
I lost it. I couldn’t breathe, or speak.
I was so overwhelmed with the love that we were receiving. It felt so good.
And it felt even better to see her with the presents we were able to get her.


Thank you God!

The next day I found a $5 winning lottery ticket in my house and when I went to get groceries I decided to purchase new tickets with my winnings. I won $45!
Turned my cart around and bought more food.

Dear Lord, Thank you. Thank You….. Thank YOU!

The next day, I received an email from a gentlemen who wanted to purchase some of my chocolates from my home business. He immediately sent me a $50 payment through my PayPal.

Oh my God, seriously? Thank You!

Yesterday I opened my front door to find a Christmas bag. This is what I find:

It’s a Christmas Jar!
An act of kindness, love, and generosity that has forever changed me.
A stranger saved up money in this jar, with prayers, well wishes, and beautiful blessings.. all for me and my family.
So here I am, 2am, on my floor… sobbing.
Sobbing because I’m so grateful.

Thank you God..thank you thank you thank you! Please bless whoever sent this. Please fill their hearts with joy and love and let them know it was well received Thank you is not enough…

We needed this.
I needed this.
Not just for the $139.68 inside.. but for the message that it brings. I will start my own jar and happily drop it off on a random doorstep next December.
You should too.
And when Brynlee is old enough, I will share this story with her and this will be our little tradition. A little pocket change can change so much.

Please share this and spread the word so we can pay it forward!!!
Tell your friends, family, co-workers, children! Make it fun! Do it at work, school, anywhere! Just remember that this will change hearts. Yours. … and the person you gift this to.
We all need a little faith in each other.
We all need to be blessings for each other!
Love you all!
Be blessings!!!



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