Home Alone?

In society mothers are bombarded by opinionated, and sometimes nasty people who judge our parenting styles. I try to remind myself that the answer is either:
1-they are dumb because they are not a parent and have never been in the same situation, or
2- they are liars.
I am a good mother. I do what I think is best for my child. I do what I feel keeps her safe, healthy, and happy. And unless you are Casey Anthony, I’m sure you all feel the same.
Here’s what I came across today…
I dropped Gracie off at school today. Again for those who don’t know, my neighbor has to be at work at 8, his wife at 5, so i take their daughter to school for them. On those days {about 3 times a week} I’ve never thought twice about waking Brynlee up early and packing her up for the 4 minute, round-trip drive to the school. There have been 2 occasions where she’s overtired and I’ve asked my next door neighbor to sit on my couch for a cup of coffee- just in case she woke up.
So today, after I drop Gracie off, I saw an acquaintance walking her 2 boys. I stopped my car to say hello and chat for a few. I asked her where her daughter was & she said she was asleep at home. I could tell she was embarrassed and so I simply said that I’m not one to judge but I’m intrigued to know her reasons to do such a thing, considering it’s such a taboo issue. She said that her husband has the car. {I should mention that they live about 7 houses away from the school on the same street}. Her daughter{14 months/ish old} always sleeps til 10am, and it’s cold out. She basically said she feels like she’s doing what’s best for her and she knows she’s safe, asleep, & warm at home.
I told her that although I would have never thought to do that with Brynlee, I can see her side and as a mother, I know that all we want is what’s best for our children.
Are good intentions enough though? This is something I’m seriously, honestly, perplexed about. My immediate thoughts are NO NO NO! …. but let’s really think about this…
is it really THAT big of a deal? I mean, when our babies are small and screaming and we need a break we are told to leave them in a safe place and walk away for a few minutes…
How is this any worse?
I’m very interested in your thoughts mommies. Lets truly decide what is best and not base our opinions on the gasps and head shakes of society…

The most important thing, in my opinion, is the safety of my child. There is no place safer than right by my side. It shouldn’t matter if they are cold, tired, or cranky- there is no reason good enough to leave your child unattended.




7 thoughts on “Home Alone?

  1. People have been known to steal children from bedroom windows while the parents sleep soundly a room away!! Why make it easier?! You NEVER know when a child might unexpectedly awake, even if every other day they sleep until the same time, TODAY may be different!! Anything can happen!! I would NEVER leave my child alone like that! There are too many things that could happen!! If the mother wants to go out in the front/back yard for a break, ok, but NEVER too far to hear a childs cry, or to not be able to see whats/whos going on around you!!!

  2. Doesn’t matter how long you leave….don’t justify 10-15 minutes!! Don’t be lazy moms! Your child is all the protection they have! Now let me tell you a story….I had a man break into my house…while I was sleeping on my couch. He was in the house in less then a minute. Broke the front door! I didn’t even get the last 1 off of my 911 call! He was asking for money…this man was sooo tweeked out of his mind. He thought I knew who had his money. As soon as I said I didn’t know what he was talkn about he pulled out a gun and put it to my head! Long story short…..don’t put your kids life in danger! It really only takes a minute!!! Seriously…don’t be an ass! What if……shoulda coulda woulda….Why do people wait for something bad to happen?! Blows my mind that parents even have to think twice. Just because somethings are an inconveince to YOU…or you just got your lil one to sleep after a crabby day. Deal with it!! You are all they have! K…I said my piece. Sorry if I offended anyone. Just my opinion

  3. My daughter is 12, and I still get worried about leaving her home alone while I walk the dog around the block or something. I can definitely see your acquaintance’s point of view, and I can say that I’ve totally thought about doing something like that in the past. The thought has crossed my mind. I’ve never done it, though. The ‘what ifs’ would have drove me crazy! I’d rather have my little one (well, I would’ve rather when she was little, haha) be cold and over tired than have something happen while I was away!

    • I agree.. it’s crossed my mind- who hasn’t thought about it??? and I do see her side and I know she thinks that what she doing is for the best. but I would be too worried. I guess the reason I questioned this was to see WHY we have an issue with this. Is it because it’s engrained in us that it’s wrong or is it truely for the well being of our children? so many times I want to run to the rite aide behind my house for something but I don’t because ‘it’s wrong’. but honestly I just don’t see the difference between me cleaning out my car for 20 minutes in the driveway while she naps and grabbing something down the street. She’s asleep, safe, I can’t hear her either way… I guess i choose not to- not because of the possibly of her waking up or something but because I’m concerned that something may happen to me and I won’t be able to get back to her. Lets be real for a minute though- yes times today are unpredictable, but the chances that someone is scoping out your house and routine to steal your kid in broad daylight is slim to none. they are better to do it in the middle of the night with you home in the next room sleeping! And when you hear about these cases- months later it’s discovered that it was a cover up by a patent who murdered their own child. Anyway- as always, this is my opinion and i respect everyone elses opinions too!!! love you all!!! The number one concern for any mother should be the safety of our children, whatever that may mean for you personally 🙂

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