Thankful November


This is simply a personal way for me to remind myself that there is good in every day. There are so many times I get frustrated, angry, sad, or upset… I’m getting better at it, but I’m trying desperately to see positives in everything. Instead of writing a daily Facebook post like everyone else, I decided to keep this little blog post as a more permanent reminder of why I truly love being on this earth and how blessed I really am, even through the darkest days.
Life is good.
Be grateful.
Give thanks.
Count your blessings.


November 1st
I’m grateful for my currently debilitating back pain because it means that I’m alive. The back pain is quite unbearable but at least I’m here to feel it.

November 2nd
I’m thankful for my best friend Angela. We have so much fun together- laughing, our love for good food, drinking, & sharing stories about our babies.


November 3rd
I’m thankful for my family. Growing together, laughing together & making memories are the best! My baby is getting so big so fast 😦


November 4th
I’m thankful for time today. time for myself, to relax and have fun and to only worry about myself… just for today though… i do miss my baby. Having the best time with Bryan at the browns game 🙂


November 5th
I’m grateful for my mommy. She is my hero. She is super woman! She has helped me through some very dark times. Today was terrible, and she is the reason we have food on the table. She sacrifices so much for us. I love her.

November 6th
I’m grateful that Brynlee threw her scrambled eggs in the floor, because it means I have food to feed her.

November 7th
I’m thankful for my body. I just started working out today, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do, how I can transform, improve, & becoming the best version of myself.


to be continued….


Novemer 8th
I’m sooooo grateful for extra time with my baby. I got home early from work before her bedtime. We had a tickle fight, laughed our heads off, jumped around, watched blues clues, snuggled, and had milk & cookies 🙂 she is my favorite person in the universe!


November 9th
Im thankful for my job. I may complain but I do enjoy it and it pays the bills! some people can’t work, pay their bills, or feed their children. I’m grateful I can.
Oh I also came home tonight and got a HUGE hug and snuggle from miss Bryn!! I rocked and sang her to sleep. I LOVE her 🙂

November 10th
Today I’m thankful for the kindness if strangers. I had a very emotional birthday dinner, partly thanks to hormones & partly because of some other …. um.. reasons. Anyway, as I was crying in the bathroom, a woman approached me ( I think she was a cook- haha) anyway, she offered a few comforting words, offered to ‘beat someone up’ for me 🙂 and gave me a comforting hug!! God bless her!

November 11th
I’m thankful for spending my 28th birthday with my family. My mom made my day so special. The food was wonderful, time with my grandma was nice, hearing my daughter run around and laugh her head off was fun! Loved every minute.


November 12th
I had a pretty bad day today. Cried a lot and felt suffocated. That said, I’m alive and today I’m grateful for my life and nutella pizza.


November 13th
I am thankful for getting out of the house one night a week with Bryan. we are in a dart league on tuesday nights and it feels soooo good to have fun with him.

November 14th
I am grateful beyond words for birthday money. I was able to buy some extra food for us, new work pants & shoes, new bras, and a few things to organize the house better. Living paycheck to paycheck has its scary moments. I don’t ever get to spend money on anything other than bills, gas and groceries. This felt really nice 🙂

… January 3rd- haha! I know, I know…
I’m thankful that my life is so full of joy that I didn’t have the time to finish this post 😉


3 thoughts on “Thankful November

  1. This is such a good idea, and I love everything you’re thankful for! We started a ‘tree’ that I’m planning to update about tomorrow. We fill out leaves everyday with what we’re thankful for, but I think it’s going to be too small for all the leaves, haha. Oops!

      • I know what you mean. You want to do all these fun things, but you don’t want to miss all the little things. You’ll get to these things when she’s ready ❤

        I just saw another cute idea on pinterest! It was a yarn turkey, and you write the thankful things on paper feathers to stick in him. I wish I would have saw that first, but next year!

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