Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Tutorial

My sister in law ….
ok, I have to explain although I shouldn’t have to buuuuuut-
Baby daddy has 4 siblings. We’ve been together for nearly 5 years, have a home together, & obviously a child. His family is my family. His sisters are my “sisters-in-law”. Period.

So, my sister-in-law and her husband just purchased their dream home {jealous} and hosted a housewarming party last Saturday. She mentioned that she needed to purchase more wine glasses and I was like- Uh,no silly… you’re having a housewarming party and people bring you presents for your house. Don’t buy any! *wink wink*.

Instantly I knew what I wanted to do. Chalkboard paint wine glasses. So when she entertains, everyone will know who’s glass is who’s! …is that even proper grammar? who’s= who is…???
whos’ whos’??

Anyway, I purchased everything at the DOLLAR STORE!!! This gift is so beautiful AND frugal. eFFing Fabulous!

What you need:
•Wine glasses-dollar store, I purchased 8 plus I had 1, gave 9 total in gift.
•Chalkboard paint- FREE from another ‘sister-in-law’, around 13 bucks a can.
•Rubbing alcohol- to clean glass
•Tape- to tape stem
•Plastic bags- to protect glass from paint spatter.
•Paint brush
•Picture Frame- dollar store, make sure it has a glass pane, not plastic. {this makes a great addition, you’ll see below}
•Chalk- I purchased colored because it’s more fun! $ .43! at Walmart
For Gifting
•Baskets- dollar store, I purchased 3 to fit 3 glasses each.
•Ribbon or thread- I already had pretty gold sparkly thread from Walmart.
•Tissue paper- dollar store, gold & pretty
•Small clear cellophane gift bags- dollar store, pack of 25, only need 1.
Total cost- less than 12 bucks!! Are you kidding me!!??? … even if you purchase the paint, it will last forever.. and the amount you use costs pennies!
This gift is beautiful!

I apologize for the crappy pictures. We were in SUCH a hurry to not be late to the party that I got a little sloppy.

Here’s (mostly) everything-

Ignore the pumps, I purchased those for my homemade hand soap .

Next, remove stickers. I used goo gone to get rid of the rest of that annoying sticker.

Thoroughly wash, then clean with rubbing alcohol and let dry.

Here’s the paint I used.

Tape off the stem and cover with plastic bags.

I recommend dipping the first coat so it’s nice and thick.

I tried the drip method, but it took forever and was too thick. So I recommend using a paint brush to remove excess paint.

If you just straight paint it on, it’s too thin. So thats why I recommend dipping, then brushing off excess.
Let them dry for 24 hours.

In the meantime, remove glass pane from the picture frame and paint a coat on one side.

Allow to dry fully- a couple hours and paint other side. This will need several coats!! Keep painting and flipping. I only did two coats and when I wrote on it with the chalk, it peeled right off.

After 24 hours, brush on additional coats to your wine glasses. I ended up doing 3 total.

Remove plastic bags and tape from wine stems. Next time I make this project I won’t use tape at all. It just peeled the paint right off.

As you can see I had to re-paint over the peeled part. Hence, the third coat. I also think that having an uneven -brushed-on- looking line on the stem actually looks more homemade and unique 🙂
Once everything is dry, lightly rub with chalk. I read that this will prevent impressions from the first writing from becoming permanently embedded.


Next, I put pretty gold tissue paper in the 3 baskets and put the wine glasses it. Tied it all together with gold thread and added the cellophane baggie of several half broken pieces of colored chalk. I wish I had a picture of just the baggie, it was really cute 🙂 You can kind of see it here. The bag was tall so I tied it off and cut it down.

Now for the picture frame. I figured if they hosted a party that they may need a menu, so this is what I made for them.

Please forgive my awful handwriting. Again, we were in a hurry, and this was when I realized two coats weren’t enough & the paint was scraping off. I actually had to tell her that I needed to take it back home and add more coats! lol.

Now since we were heading to the party I decided to have a head start and claim our glasses ahead of time!

This is everything all ready to be packed up!


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

TO CLEAN: Do not put in dishwasher! Only use cool to luke warm water and a little soap to wash the top half.
I told Amanda that they came with a lifetime guarantee- I will touch them up as needed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Tutorial

  1. I’ve seen this going around pinterest, and I’ve wanted to try it. I’ll probably give it a go now that I know someone who has done it 😉 Thanks for being the guinea pig!

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