Video’s? eFF yes!!!

I feel the need to address some things before you watch my video.
I shouldn’t have to explain myself because I’ve been very clear about the reasons behind my blog & posts, but because each mommy is different, & regardless of what I say, I DO care what you think (although im aware it’s impossible not to offend somebody)…. I feel the need to get it out!

-mean names such as sluts, bitches, hookers, etc… are terms if endearment for me. this means I love you. if you don’t like it, I don’t know what to tell you.

-sometimes I refer to my daughter as the little bitch. again, term of endearment. BUT- I would never in a million trillion years say anything like that in front if her. she is my entire world & I love the shit out of her. I’m not an idiot.

– I say these things to adults to vent in a healthy manner. so do not judge my mothering capabilities based on the insane things that come out of my mouth. ask anyone who knows me personally and they will tell you that i am:
big-hearted, sensitive (like I cry at cat food commercials), generous, selfless, meant to be a mother, empathetic, & full of compassion!
so PLEASE don’t let my weird sense of humor & just plain ….weirdness make you think badly of me.
I am a good mother & we all just need to get it out to be sane.

love you bitches❤

now watch my embarrassingly sporadic video 🙂
click here click here!!!!!!
it only takes 3 minutes!!


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