Bridal Shower Wine Basket


I made this basket a while ago for a … well, she’s my aunt but younger than me because of the weird way my family members have married into other families.
Anyway… it was quite time consuming but a ton of fun to make! I used to be into scrapbooking so I had all of the material already. It makes me sad that so many things are digital now because I have so many cute things and no time or energy to make use of it 😦 I am
not even kidding when I say that I have a box and a $90 tote FULL of scrapbooking material, some un-opened, that’s probably worth hundreds of dollars. Why do you ask? Because I was obsessed with scrapbooking pre-baby and then I got knocked up….

You will need to purchase 6 bottles.
•red for first fight
•champagne/sparkling wine for wedding night
•rosé for first anniversary
•white for first christmas
•sparkling juice for first baby {or in my case, the bride was becoming a step mommy to her husbands little girl}
•another bottle of your choice to drink
while creating your masterpiece **mandatory**




20121025-190153.jpgThe paisley paper is from the brides very own wedding invitation!




20121025-190329.jpgI used my Christmas stamps on this one for the ‘holiday cheer’! I really love the silver ink 🙂


20121025-190419.jpgI messed up a line in this one but I was up until like 4 in the morning and I was delirious! This poem I made up mostly on my own and a combination of two other poems I found. It made me cry.

There you have it!!

20121025-190701.jpg I included two big wine glasses & a small one for the little lady to toast with the grape juice. I got little heart & wedding charms for the stems of the wine glasses as well as filled them with pretty tissue paper & wedding ribbons. I found this pretty blue basket at the dollar store!
This gift was relatively inexpensive for me simply because I work at a fancy-shmancy restaurant and got a great deal on the bottles. I would imagine it would cost about $50 at the very least to do it at full price. This is a great gift for bridesmaids to chip in on together- each buy a bottle, each make a card, and have a fun girl night putting it all together!!!
Let me know if you can’t read the cards and I will write them out for you.


4 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Wine Basket

    • aw!! thanks 🙂 I still get emotional every time i read it!
      hey I have a question!! when I click on other people blogs, such as yours, i can’t find a follow button and I can’t search for anyone? it only recommends blogs to follow based on my interrsts. do you know how I’d do it? also, it’s all through my iPhone since our computer is down. 😦 thanks!!

      • I’m not sure! I have an android, and the wordpress app on my phone is crap. I only use it to check my stats now and then. I made one update from there.

        Maybe try using the actual internet on the phone instead of an app??

      • I tried that too.. oh well no big deal! I’ll just keep pushing baby daddy to get us a new laptop- haha! it’s so much harder to do everything by phone.

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