Homemade Baby Wipes


There are so many times when I run out of wipes and am in deep shit {literally} or simply don’t want to wipe poo off of my girls ass with dollar bills & throw them away- which is essentially what we are all doing. I decided to make my own baby wipes!! You should too! Here is what you need:


I used the viva select a size because I feel that the smallest piece is the perfect wipe size. It’s also worth mentioning that you must buy high quality paper towels so they don’t fall apart. I’ve read that bounty is best but viva is what I buy for my household.

So simple to make!!
Cut paper towel in half.

** if you are a cloth mommy, cut squares of old receiving blankets and stack them in a container**

Heat water. This step prevents a musty odor and molding from taking place.
I placed 2 1/4 cups of water in a bowl & microwaved it for about 2 minutes. You could stove top it too of you’d prefer.
Next add your ingredients to the bowl of hot water.

2 tablespoons of baby wash.

1 tablespoon of baby oil, or any mineral oil that you’d prefer.

*optional* I added lotion to mine. 1 tablespoon for more moisture and scent.

Now mix it all together gently.

Those clumps are fine.

Place paper towels cut side down in a container. Im using an old wipe container. {It’s ok if it’s too short, your wipes will later smoosh down to size}
Pour mixture on top.

Let sit & absorb for a minute and remove cardboard center. This is easier to remove when wet.

Now smoosh it down into your container.

And pull the first wipe from the center of the roll through the opening.

You can repeat the process and use the other half of the roll to make 2 batches. I’m saving mine for another recipe.
Here is what a wipe looks like next to a store bought one.

They are a bit smaller but I find that I use wipes for everything including wiping noses and hands so I feel as though I’m wasting a big piece with the store brand. And because they are select-a-size, I can always use more for a poopy mess.
For approximately 100 wipes, it cost around $1!!!

Putting them to the test on an oreo & snot face.


“Wipe your nose Brynlee”20121016-154610.jpg
She loves them! On her head…

She insisted I take her socks off so she could clean her feet…

Bahaa! Even as I write this 10 minutes later, she’s STILL cleaning her entire body with the wipe! Love her to bits!!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve made them before and have any tips!!
Happy saving those pennies mommies!!!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Baby Wipes

  1. I have no real need for baby wipes as my girl is older, but have you seen the tutorial for homemade makeup wipes that’s circulating pinterest? I’ve been wanting to try it, but haven’t done it yet. I was wondering if that was your other recipe??

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