eFF you, October 3rd!!


Ok, I had to get that out of my system…

Brynlee didn’t sleep well last night, therefore neither did I. When I’m tired I’m a raging psychopathic bitch-zilla. Like a creature from the depths of hell..
Just ask baby daddy.
I’m like that of I’m hungry too..
anyway, I reluctantly dragged myself out of my cozy warm bed this morning to find a grumpy toddler crying and poop… EVERYWHERE!
It was terrible. I’m certain you’ve all been there a time or two. Here’s what it looked like…

I clean her up. Make breakfast and coffee. Lots of coffee. I had an appointment today at the vagina doctor to renew my birth control pills.
Get out the door, late as usual and of course I get stuck behind an old geezer going 10 under the speed limit. Then he turns {thank you sweet Jesus}!!!
But then.. I get every fucking red light. Every. Single. One.
Then we run behind a cop car and everyone is too much of a pussy to pass him. Seriously!? You can go one mile over the speed limit and pass a cop. He won’t pull you over. I promise.

With about 4 minutes to spare Brynlee starts to whine. Then gag. Then…. Oh no- projectile vomit. Again- EVERYWHERE!
I’ll spare you the visual… But this is a pretty accurate portrayal of what it looked like.

Fuck my life.

I one armed it- you know driving with one arm, cleaning her up with wipes behind me, and trying to talk sweet mommy talk to calm her down.

We park, get her out. Thank GOD I had some spare clothes in the car.
Check in, go to the bathroom, change her… More diarrhea. Fill out paperwork and oh an hour later I get called back.

{this is what she looked like- haha}

Bless Brynlees little soul… she was such a good girl the whole time! So the nurse comes in she goes over my history.. Blah blah.. And says – oh I see you have ocular migraines?
I’ve checked off migraines every year for the past 8 years. EIGHT YEARS!

Well you can’t take an estrogen containing birth control such as the pill or ring. You could have a stroke. You’re lucky that you are healthy!
Are you fucking kidding me right now!?

You mean to tell me that for eight years I’ve been on this shit and you’ve NEVER cared to tell me this information. That every single year I check mark the migraine box and I could have stroked out at any moment? That those bad drug commercials could have been contacted by my mother or boyfriend because I stroked out and turned into an effing vegetable because your stupid, incompetent ass holes can’t read an medical history chart!!!!!
Thank the LORD I dodged that bullet!
So my only options for birth control were an IUD{I don’t want anything implanted into my vagina except a penis or a tampon, and sometimes not even those}, the mini pill {I can’t remember to take a pill everyday let alone within the same 15 minute window everyday-no thank you}, or the Depo shot { one shot every 3 months, no periods- yes please!!}

So I got the shot….

Yay! I love being immune to sperm!! My arm hurts like hell though. Like it was mulled by a pack of monkeys. Or impaled by a pole.. Yeah that’s exactly how it feels right now.

No joke.
So now my poor sweet girl is sick 😦 her belly is all rumbly. I gave her a bath and tried to lay ger down but all she wants to do is cuddle with her mommy and watch bubble guppies. The doctor says its a virus and will run its course in 3-5 days.

That was my day… And I still have to go to work tonight.
Its pretty sad that I’m looking forward to my escape though. Sometimes a mom just needs to get away.
Or wine.
I need wine.

***Update** so, it’s been over a week since I got the shot and I already don’t like it :(. The doctor never informed me of the side affects other than weight gain, and pregnancy like symptoms. I had no idea what poison I was putting into my body!! I googled it and could not find one person who liked it. Please share your depo story with me!!!****


7 thoughts on “eFF you, October 3rd!!

  1. I randomly found your blog while messing around in the reader. I really hope that the depo doesn’t do to you what it did to me.

    I had one shot almost three years ago. Since then, I have been having dramatic mood swings, increased anxiety and depression, loss of interest in sex, inability to lose weight, unbelieveable thirst, just… ugh. Seriously. I’ve been fighting with doctors to find out what’s wrong with me for all this time, and they all brush me off. It really fucked me up.

    Also! A week after I got the shot, I developed dime sized splotches on my body, mostly my legs. It looked like psoriasis. I got it biopsied and it turned out to be a skin reaction to the shot (technical term was spongiotic dermatitis or something like that). It went away about 6 months after I received the shot.

    I’m a firm believer that this poison shouldn’t be on the market. My doctor never informed me of all the side effects, either. Hopefully yours aren’t as awful as mine!

    • Wow!!! That is miserable!! I too am an emotional mess and already wish I never put it into my body. I will never do it again!!! Hope you can become healthy again. Thanks for your comment!

      • Thanks, me too! I hope that you don’t have any lasting effects from the shot. I just can’t believe that they’re still able to market this drug and so many doctors get away with not revealing all the major side effects :/

      • I have no idea why or what good it does to hide that information?? I’m going through a lot of sleep deprecation and stress right now bc of work and my baby is sick… I’m a monster and I’m worried that it’s related to the shot. Oh- another thing I found out later that it could take 12 months to 18 months to regulate again to have another baby- she NEVER asked me what our plan was for future babies. She assumed that bc we are not married that I didn’t want another but we dooooo! Not in 6 months but maybe soon! And now I’m worried I just fucked up my body big time. Im so sad 😦

      • 😦 I’m so sorry that you’re going through this, too. Definitely talk to your doctor and let her know that it is not ok to leave this information out. I really hope that it leaves your system asap!!!

      • Same here!!! Thanks! I will tell her. You should be my Facebook friend if you have one!!?? Ive enjoyed chatting with you! My personal page is Leanna Victoria and my blog page is Facebook. Com/mommyeffer. 🙂

      • I headed over and ‘liked’ your page. I searched for you, and a bunch of Leannas came up, so I’ll just link mine and you can send me a request if you would like 😀


        It’s Pam Smith. Don’t try to search for me, though. There’s waaaay too many 😉

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