Canvas Finger-Painting Project!


Pinterest is such a lovely place to discover awesome things to do with your kids! I think I’m pretty darn crafty and creative but pinterest is like a melting pot of thousands of “me’s”… And I LOVE it. I’m a member of my towns MOMS Club and I decided to host an awesome canvas finger painting playdate.

Here’s what you need:

Purchase any size canvas youd like. I got mine at Pat Catans for about 6 bucks. I wanted a long one to fit her name better. They sell different shapes and sizes and two packs as well. If your wanting to go cheaper they have 8×11 ones for like $3.

Masking tape~
To tape off a name, monogram, word, nickname.. Anything!! It was a buck.

Finger paints~
Washable, non-toxic. About $3-$4

A Child~
Preferably with fingers, toes and feet work best for teeny babies 🙂 Pricele$$

10 bucks for this awesome craft!? Can’t beat that!! So wonderful!!!

Ok so now it’s time to tape on your word and get to painting! I used my daughters name, Brynlee, and taped off little hearts. ❤



This mommy had a great idea!!!20121009-133534.jpg
So much fun!!!


Paint’s not makeup silly!!!20121009-133856.jpg

Some moms chose the word LOVE, one mom did the word FALL with fall colors and painted a real leaf onto her canvas. It was beautiful! I’ll post their pictures soon!
Here’s miss B’s finished project…



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