My adult acne cure


I’m about to turn 28 in November- {11-11 make a wish!} As a teenager I rarely had issues with acne. I always had smooth, alabaster skin … I was a lucky little bitch. I maybe got a chin zit right before my period.. Maybe. The worst thing that happened to me was on my 16th birthday I had poison ivy all down my neck-and that’s not even acne related!!

It all started may 5th, 2010. It was a sun-shiny morning, i was 25, and I was awaiting the arrival of my aunt flow. I had noticed over the last day or two that I had an acne like rash on my right chin. … Apparently I have two chins. I mean, the right side of my chin. It slowly creeped up to my cheek and it was a monster. I had a bad bad feeling. I took a pregnancy test and the very second a drop of my pee landed on the strip I saw a blue little plus sign.
My entire world started to spin and I couldnt breathe and I was in severe panic mode. What the did I do!?
Well… We all know the answer to that.


Fast forward 7 months-
I’m a now calm and overly joyed expectant mother…
… Well, as happy as I could be waddling around with an extra 40lbs of baby and placenta swimming around my mid-section, boobs, and ass. I swear I had tripplets in there.
I inquired about my acne to my doctor and he said it would go away post-partum. All my friends said- ooooohhhh you’re having a giiiirrrlllll… Girls steal your beauty!!!

That little bitch.

So here I am 2 years later and the acne rash has taken over my entire face. Both cheeks, both chins, and my forehead. My doctor lied to me.
Then last thing I tried was a months worth of proactive. If you can get through the pain and redness of the first week it actually did help a little. 🙂

About three weeks ago I noticed this weird oval-shaped rash under my armpit. I googled it, like I do everything, and am fairly certain it’s ringworm.

I know, gross.


I have no idea how I got it and I’m far from a sweaty wrestler so I’m at a loss. I purchased jock itch cream and became a scary mad woman about applying it. I was obsessively washing everything- sheets, towels, blankets, clothes, and my body. My entire body was itchy, even my scalp. I began googling scalp ringworm and saw scary images of people with bald patches and for someone with hair down my last rib, I was terrified to say the least. Im sure that all of this was psychologically induced but I even strarted to fear it was on my face. I read that a dandruff shampoo helps with scalp ringworm and overall body ringworm.

So I began to shower with ‘head and shoulders’, and wash my hair and face with it. Id then mix the anti fungal cream in my moisturizer, body and face and apply after every shower. I mixed it in my liquid foundation on the days I wore makeup- usually for work 4 nights a week. And after I washed my face off at night I’d slather more cream on before bed.
I wouldn’t even let my baby daddy touch me! He thought I had lost my mind.

But now I feel better. It’s slowly fading under my arm, and my face is clearing up!! All the zits are getting smaller and the redness is going away!!! I started to think… Is anti fungal cream a cure for acne?
So I googled it.
“anti fungal cream cures acne”

click here to see what I found!

You don’t have to click it if you don’t want to.. But I thought I’d give credit where it’s due.

Basically the last two ‘crazy acne cures’ are-
Dandruff shampoo and anti fungal cream!!

This is what I’ve been using…


Who knew!?


I wash my face with the shampoo.

Here you can see the acne is still present but it has SIGNIFICANTLY improved! The redness and size have diminished a great deal!!

I don’t have before pictures 😦 I tried to hide all documentation of my face without makeup, but I promise to update with more pictures if and when I clears completely!

I add it to my makeup and moisturizer too.

This is my foundation, cream & moisturizer.


Do you see any acne?

I’m eFFing pumped about it!!
I will continue my anti funga/anti dandruff/regemin and update again. It’s been about two weeks and I can’t even believe how quickly it’s clearing up.
If anyone out there is struggling I say give it a try!

There are a few other unconventional ways as well through that link you should check out too.

Hope this helps someone out there 🙂
Have a fantastic day everyone.



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