Introducing Mommy eFFer: Funny, Frugal, & eFFing Fabulous

Hello and welcome to my blog, an honest and crude look into the joys and no-so-joys of motherhood.
My name is Leanna and I’m a mommy to an incredible little lady, Brynlee❤. She will be two in January!


I started my blog and Facebook fan pagefor myself as a way to laugh at the stresses of my day, to get out my frustration with a good old eFF bomb, a reason to research things that (p)interest me, while hopefully bringing some light into other mommies’ lives as well. I hope to make you laugh, cry (happy tears), and pee your pants with my fabulousness 😉 If you can’t laugh at yourself and can’t handle my sarcasm or the occasional eFF bomb, then don’t like my page.. BUT if you are looking to find enjoyment out if my misery, want to share mommy advice, are looking for a great craft project, money saving tips, couponing skills, and yummy recipes… Then I’m your girl!!!
Please share the love and tell your friends about me!!
Thanks dolls❤


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