Fabulousness to come….!


It’s 3:04 am. I’m wide awake watching ‘blues clues’ .. And I dont want to be.
Our night was normal.. I got home from work, showered, read my baby some bed time stories and blissfully entered dream land to the sound of the rain and a cool breeze outside our bedroom window.

Fast forward to 2am. Brynlee is crying hard! Like the kind of over-tired, cant catch my breath, blood curdling scream, nothing is going to make me better, cry.

I did everything I could think of. Rocked her, shushed her, sang to her, gave her her puppy, her favorite ball, her sippy, walked and did the mommy bounce, layed her next to her blissfully-unaware-happily sleeping-(birthday)daddy… Nothing worked. Until, I tuned on that little blue puppy and the later to become cool, Indy rocker, Steve burns. {he’s pretty bad ass, you should google him}
Now she’s asleep and the beautiful orchestra of an autumn nights drizzle is taunting me with its seductive melody… {you’ll soon learn that im obsessed with rain. I love everything about it.., its my favorite!}

So lucky for all of you that its spell hasn’t affected me yet because my brain is still on sleep-deprived mommy mode..
I got to thinking about what awesomely, fabulous, frugal things i’d like to share with all of you. Here are a few things is like to share within the month!!

•baby wipes
•hand sanitizing wipes
•makeup removing/moisturizing wipes
•glass cleaning wipes
•bleach wipes
•baby wash
•body wash
•hand soap
•and lastly, strawberry jam! – I know, random but ive made jam once before and its eFFing phenomenal!!

I have sooooo many more things I’d like to share with all if you! Im open to suggestions if there is something that you’d like to see me do that can help save us all some money!!

The rain is calling my name….


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