#OperationLove34 {34 days of spreading love and kindness}

In 34 days I will be 34 years old. And what better way to celebrate than to fill my heart by being a light in someone’s day.

October 9th•Day 1

Today was exciting being day 1 and all! I didn’t really have a plan. I have a list of things I want to do. Some can be done anytime while others are specific to a day. Today, the only plan I had was to just be inspired by a moment. Nothing really sparked me until the afternoon. I saw a police officer parked in the Target parking lot patrolling the area. I went to the nearest gas station and grabbed some iced tea and a bag of snack mix. I planned on thanking him for what he does every day for our community. By the time I got back, he was gone.

I headed home all the while my brain was spinning. Who would appreciate this today? hmmmm… There was a crossing guard down the road from me, maybe him!? Well, I drove by and he wasn’t there. Sad face. I figured it was too early, so I went home and stuck the tea in my freezer knowing in a half hour it would make someone really grateful to receive such a treat on this (awful) hot, (effing) October day!

Thirty minutes later I leave to pick up my daughter from school and go the corner again expecting to find him- not there! Gaahhh! SOMEONE LET ME LOVE YOU! hahhaa! Feeling slightly defeated, I trusted that the Universe would bring someone to me. As I parked my car on the street I notice a lady doing some maintenance work in a pizza shop lot. She looked hot and had a cool rag around her neck. ding ding ding! She was my person. She deserved a little appreciation today. I felt like it didn’t work out with the other two gentlemen because she needed me more.

So I hopped out of my car, introduced myself, shared my story, then gave her the tea! Her name is Philly! Turns out, she loves peach tea and she is the owner of Mark and Philly’s pizza! She also does good deeds for our community as well. She accepted my gift and drank it up gratefully as it relieved her from the heat.

It’s the little things in this world that matter most.

October 10th•Day 2

Today, Tyler needed a hair cut, like, bad! While we adore his messy mop sometimes, school pictures are tomorrow so it’s a good time to lower his ears. Plus, I love little man cuts on him.

We love Brian’s Barbershop! Brian always takes care of his clients, above and beyond! So we decided that since he always hands out suckers we would replenish his sucker drawer and treat him to a GIANT sucker filled with more suckers!

We hope it brightened his day just a little.

October 11th•Day 3

Today decided to check out my town’s first Blessing Box. I prepared a box with odds and ends from my pantry, picked up my son from preschool, and found the church down the road. When I arrived I was sad to see it was completely empty. Part of me is sad because it means people are in need, but I’m happy that this is an option for those who might otherwise go hungry. An empty blessing box means full tummies.

So I filled it up with what I had. And I can definitely tell you that I will be returning as regularly as I can. Filling it fills my heart.

October 12th•Day 4

The thing about being a WAHM (work at home mommy) is that… well, I don’t get out much! There are multiple days in a row where I don’t see another human other than the 3 in my own home. Summer is ‘worse’. But even when I do see people in passing, it’s fleeting. Today was no different. There was no school today so it was just me and the kids hanging out at home. I spent most of the morning working in my pajamas, so, I can’t complain! I left for a brief couple hours this evening to set up a Posh table for a Halloween Festival tomorrow. On the way home it hit me! Shit! How am I going to do these acts of love when I’m an effing hermit?? Well, I made chili for dinner and we all know my two snobs won’t touch that, so into the McDonald’s drivethru we went. I was like, oh! perfect! I can pay for someone who pulls in behind me. Well, no one came… for like an uncomfortable amount of time. Then, ta-da! There they were! A couple pulled up behind me. And as I paid for mine I asked the cashier how much their total was. Guess what it was? Just guess! Seriously, take a stab at it.





One. Effing. Dollar.


I paid and frantically ripped off my little #OperationLove34 card (see my bitmoji above) for the cashier to give them.

So, it gets better. Of course our chicken nuggets aren’t ready so I have to pull up and wait. The couple pulls up beside me to thank me and we have a good chuckle at the $1 thing. They joked that had they known they would have gotten more! LOL! They were smiling ear to ear and even though it was *just* a dollar, I’m choosing to believe it made a difference in their day. I know it definitely made a difference in mine to share a smile and some good laughs with 2 strangers.

October 13th•Day 5

Today I was a vendor for my Perfectly Posh business at a Halloween Festival. It was ssssoooooo ffffrrrrrreeeaking cocococcooooold. I stood and froze my butt off for over ten hours. I try to be personable and kind to everyone I meet, but today I made sure to genuinely compliment as many people as I could. A friend once said something that has stuck with me:

“Kindness matters. My philosophy on life is this: I try to say something kind to everyone I meet because it may be the only nice thing they hear all day. ” -Meghan Wilkinson {AbsolutelyWanderful.com}

So: Her hair was lovely. Her eyebrows were on point! I LOVED her boots! His t-shirt was so awesome. I loved that lip color on her. Her eyes were stunning. She was so talented. Their family owned sauce/seasoning company Steak & Rib Rub blend was DELICIOUS! Her dog was just the cutest, oh, yes him was! I loved her set-up. Her nails were gorgeous. I am grateful for his hospitality. I appreciated his conversation about The Walking Dead. That hair color is so flattering on her. She has the prettiest smile. I loved their costumes. I was grateful for their time. I was SO thankful for her company.

Seeing their faces light up when they received a genuine compliment or my gratitude really made my day warmer.

October 14th•Day 6

It’s no secret that we struggled a lot financially when our first baby was born and for a few years after. I’m not saying we are rolling in the dough now… we aren’t buying Escalade’s (haha I can’t even write that with a straight face), or going on extravagant trips, or makin’ it rain in the clubs.. yeah, nothing like that. But, where we once were is a distant memory that I’ll always hold inside my heart because it has nurtured the giving within me. I recently made a post (in preparation for this project) asking my friends what kind of act of kindness would mean something to them. I just wanted more ideas! I was touched that most women simply wanted their home to be cleaned, or a free babysitting evening. Two comments tugged on my heart. (The first one will come at a later date) The second one, however, said, “A pack of pullups, that would do it. As a single mama thats about the only thing i could think of ever needing…”

I remember when Brynlee was a baby a co worker of mine came over to visit. And with her she brought a HUGE box of diapers and a massive bottle of shampoo and conditioner. She overheard me talking about how I couldn’t afford shampoo and conditioner so I was taking and using the samples they were giving out at my daughter’s pediatrician’s office. Her gift made SUCH an impact on me. I knew one day I’d pay it forward.

So, my dear friend, your order will be arriving Tuesday. ♡ You are strong, and brave, and a WONDERFUL mother! Keep moving forward!

October 15th• Day 7

See this little cutie?

His name is Lucky. He lives next door. Our furry friends need love too! Today, I let him out to pee. I let him out most days while his Mom is at work. Sometimes he even comes over to play. He get’s a nice stretch, some fresh air, and lot’s of attention. I’d like to think he appreciates me. I know his bladder does!

October 16th•Day 8

Whew, this one tugged at my heartstrings big time!

This is Bob. I’ve stood next to him almost every school pickup afternoon, going on 3 years now. I didn’t even know his name until today. All I knew is that his grandson is in Brynlee’s grade.

Instead of the usual chit-chat I decided to find out his story. To keep things as private as possible I’ll share what I feel is appropriate. Today I found out he has 22 grandchildren, and 4 of them live with him. Of the 4 living with him- the oldest grandson just earned his GED and Bob is working with his granddaughter to help her earn hers. The other child is in middle school, and then the youngest is in 2nd grade. Their parents are unable to care for them. If you know my story you’ll know that I too went to live with my grandparents at the age of 4. My Grandpa was the most special person in my life. I don’t know if he knew just how deeply I adored him. I don’t think I had the chance to fully realize it myself until after he passed away. His death changed our entire family dynamic, in my eyes. I’m now sobbing as I write this. His death was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. He was just so special, beyond words. Grandpa’s are the best and they hold a special place in our hearts. But especially the ones who step up and fill the role of Grandpa AND Dad!

So I gave Bob a Starbucks gift card. I hope he knows just how truly wonderful he is to take on those kids. I hope he enjoys the coffee. My Grandpa loved coffee.

October 17th•Day 9

This is Cindy. She is the crossing guard at my daughter’s school. We can always count on her to be there every day, rain, or shine, or snow. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know as the weather gets colder my body gets drier. I can feel it in my eyes, my lips, but most especially my hands! I thought she might enjoy a nourishing hand creme to protect and heal her hands this fall and winter. I chose the Brazilian Bombshell scent so that on the extra bitter days she could pretend she’s on a tropical beach somewhere, soaking in the sun.

She deserves it!

October 18th•Day 10

I am aware that nursing in public is a controversial topic, but it’s a movement that I stand behind. I know I’m not alone♡

Today I made a few of these pampering packages to hand out when I see a nursing mama. They include a bottle of water, a granola bar, fruit snacks, and a nourishing body butter, cleverly named Fresh Creamy Milk. Get it? Get it? ’cause there’s milk… in the… yeah …haha!

Nursing is hard. It’s exhausting. It can be defeating. Being a new mom is hard. Being an infant mom is hard. Being a new, nursing mom is hard! Post-partum depression is real.

I want to make a new mom feel good. I want her to know she is doing a good job! We all know receiving the gift of reassurance during such a difficult time in life, when you need to know that you’re doing a good job, can make such a huge impact. Being reminded to take care of yourself first too can also make such a difference!

I can’t wait to give these out and hopefully make an impact in a new mama’s life. Keep going. You’re doing great. Take care of you, too. You’ve got this!

October 19th•Day 11

You are a delicate (yet strong), intricate glass vase. You must fill yourself up frequently. It is imperative that you fill yourself up so much so, that you overflow into others. Otherwise, you’ll tip over and shatter.

This is a concept I learned from the brilliant Rachel Hollis, author of the life-changing book: Girl, Wash Your Face. This is something I try to apply to my life on a daily basis, but MAN do I fall short. Most days I feel like I am in a constant state of overwhelm and defeat. And who pays for that? My family. Me.

Today I was so grouchy. I got frustrated and yelled at Brynlee before school. I lost my patience too many times and yelled at Tyler. I got frustrated with Bryan and was so mean I cried. Today, I was too shattered to be kind to anyone.

But instead of beating myself up and continuing to be unkind, I’m choosing to give myself some grace and fill my vase. I will fill my vase with the laughter of my children. I will fill my vase with the hug of a friend. I will fill my vase with time spent snuggling on the couch next to Bryan, watching our shows. I will fill my vase with a face mask, because….well, bitches love face masks. I will fill my vase with the purr of my Sally Skellington. I will fill my vase with a deep breath, a big smile, and a little vodka. Or maybe a lot. I haven’t decided.

Today, I’m choosing to be kind and love myself, until I am able to overflow the love and kindness to others.

October 20th•Day 12

This is Jessi and Lisa. They are my lovely lady-lumps nurse and doctor.

Jessi and I both laughed at how sleepy we were at my 9:30am appointment. We couldn’t shake it. So, I felt like she could use a Starbuck’s gift card as a pick me up!

Lisa is the bomb! She makes me feel so comfortable and I can tell she truly cares about her patients. So she deserved some natural (hold the UTI, please) bath bombs!

I hope they both got through the rest of their work day with happy hearts because they were touched by a little love and kindness.

October 21st•Day 13

Today has been a busy day full of shopping, cleaning, organizing, eating, drinking, and more shopping. We are preparing to switch rooms this week with Tyler. Don’t ask me how our 5 year old ended up with the biggest room in the house! But one day I realized our king bed took up basically our entire bedroom and it hit me- he doesn’t NEED a master bedroom/playroom. We do! So I’ve been organizing as well as going through a ton of clothes to donate. I really like to donate to the Haven of Rest because the clothing goes to the homeless community in need, for free. However, I also enjoy giving directly to families I know personally who need just a little help.

I stumbled upon this brand new Buzz Lightyear costume that was given to us last year by a friend, among other clothes that Tyler desperately needed at the time. The costume ended up being a little too small for him, plus he was going through a Teen Titans, Go! phase and went as Robin (his sister went as Raven). So here the costume stayed, in the closet, waiting to be loved. I posted it, for free, on a local Facebook group. Within a couple moments a friend of mine responded with interest for her son. She is a young mom of 3 and always has her chin up despite life’s challenges. It turns out her son is in the size that Tyler grew out of not long ago, so I will be packing up all I can to give to her this week. She really deserves it. I hope her son has a BLAST trick-or-treating as Buzz Lightyear. And I hope these clothes bring a little relief to their family this season.

Giving to others makes my heart so full, to infinity and beyond.

October 22nd•Day 14

Sometimes life gets so busy you become consumed. Some days there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Other days you find yourself burnt out and not wanting to do anything, talk to anyone, or even think. At least that’s how my life rolls. I enjoy being busy for the most part. It makes me feel accomplished. As I go about a busy day my mind is racing with all the to-do’s. Sometimes something will remind me of a friend and I think to myself, ‘I wonder how she’s doing?’ or ‘I should text her’. (I totally prefer actual phone calls, but most people these days don’t enjoy that. I get it- life is busy.) So, I continue about my day and never let my friend know she was on my mind.

One time I had been thinking of a friend and I meant to reach out to her but, that life stuff kept happening, so I didn’t. I saw a Facebook post from her the next day and she was expressing sadness that she was going through a difficult time and felt no one cared. My heart hurt for her. You see, it’s not that I didn’t care, it’s that I get so consumed in my own world I don’t think to press pause *II* for just a minute and check up on the people I care about.

To be honest (and totally vulnerable) there are days where I fight the feeling that no one cares about me. I have a lot of social media friendships. Some of whom I have never met and I truly adore. But I can count on one hand the number of people who have reached out to me personally this whole year *just* to see how I’m doing. If I were to allow that to sink in I’m not sure how optimistic life would be for me. Now imagine for a moment you are someone who can’t fight with optimism or you are someone who has had ZERO people reach out to you this year. Maybe you are that person.

Today I made it my goal to be more mindful of that from here on out. I didn’t really plan this at all, it just came to me. Two friends popped into my heart today, and instead of thinking about them and forgetting, or not having time for them, I MADE time. I paused and simply texted them asking how they were. No strings attached. I simply and truly wanted to know how life has been treating them.

I’m not sure if it made any impact on them at all. I hope it did, even if just a little, and I hope they know I genuinely care.

The next time you are thinking of someone, tell them! It only takes a minute. I think the human connection means so much more than any of us truly realize.

October 23rd •Day 15

We made puppy cookies!

I swear every other house in my neighborhood has a pup. Like a scene out of Pleasantville the cars pull in the driveways, the people go in their homes, and moments later they come outside for their evening walks with their fur-babies.

So what a fun, simple way to spread some love to lots of people and their best friends.

I found this great recipe on pinterest.

We saw lots of doggy-friends today, although I only snapped 4 photos. The kids loved feeding each dog. And the dogs devoured the treats up! I know it made their day!

October 24th•Day 16

Today my plan was to help stock up the teachers lounge at my daughter’s school with a few items like paper towels and snacks. Some of you might remember that I was part of helping in the lounge remodel over the summer. Almost 3 months into the school year everything is bare so it is in major need of replenishment! Then as I was dropping my son off at preschool I noticed a sign that was asking for help with some specific needs. Perfect! I’help both!

Things are a liiiitle tight right now but I was able to grab a couple rolls of paper towels, tissues, and disinfecting wipes from our pantry. I got the soaps at the dollar store, and the donuts were on sale for .50 cents each! Score!

Being a PTA mom I see just how much work, time, money, and heart goes into our schools and children. It’s crucial that parents contribute in one way or another. If you don’t have the money, donate your time- volunteer! If you don’t have the time, donate an item (or five or ten!) If you don’t have things, donate your heart- go to PTA meetings and share your ideas, or help spread the word for others to donate their time, money, and hearts.

Every little bit adds up! That is something this whole #OperationLove34 project of mine is teaching me: Small acts of love and kindness add up to something BIG and amazing and incredible.

October 25th•Day 17

I can’t believe I am halfway through #OperationLove34!

Before I even began this project Brynlee told me a story about how her teacher loves pepperoni pizza but can never have any because her family doesn’t like pepperoni. I feel that, sister! Mushroom is my favorite and for many years I was never able to indulge for the same reasons. Now that Brynlee loves it as well, we get a whole pie all to ourselves! And it’s glorious!

Parent/Teacher conferences were this evening so we decided to bring her teacher an entire, large, pepperoni pizza to have all to herself!

We hope she enjoys every last bite.

October 26th•Day 18

Today while at dinner with our bestie-family we left a dollar on the claw machine to brighten another kid’s day!

October 27th•Day 19

Today our act of love and kindness was simply passing out Halloween candy on Trick or Treat night, and sharing our home with family and neighbors. We all do kind things every day, whether we realize it or not. It’s the simple things that mean the most.

October 28th•Day 20

Eighteen years ago yesterday my Aunt Lori was taken from me after a courageous battle with leukemia. I was 15 years old and desperately wanted to be tested to see if I could donate bone marrow to save her. They wouldn’t test me because of my age. A stranger however was a match, and even though she passed we got a little more time with her because of their kindness. I told myself one day I wanted to be that gift for another family, so I am now in the donor registry at BeTheMatch.org.

This evening I asked for as many friends as possible to also join the registry and become a potential match for someone in need. If you have it in your heart to offer such a gift- on behalf of all the little girls with Aunt Lori’s in their lives-THANK YOU!

October 29th•Day 21

I’m quite under the weather today. So the extent of my kindness was offering the AT&T kid a Cherry Coke while we discussed my bundling options. He drank the whole thing. I think it made him happy. I was happy the rest of the night on the couch with a pizza.

*cough* *sniff*

October 30th•Day 22

“Please excuse the mess, my children are making memories.”

Today I chose to be a ‘yes’ mom. I was intentionally extra nice, loving, kind, forgiving, and fun by letting go of the micromanaging, impatient, short-fused, frustrated mom I tend to fall into the rut of being.

I read them a bazillion stories. I said “yes” to messy paint projects and double bath bomb baths and Nutella and Sprite. I let go of the reins while they made lemon cookies and powdered sugar messes. They didn’t have to ask for ‘one more chapter’ because I read the whole dang book! I put away the technology and we made eye contact and laughed!

Our children are our future. My kids will spread kindness and love past my own lifetime because of days like today.

October 31st•Day 23

My sweet boy, Tyler is my mini-me. Where his sister would rather eat a booger than speak to a stranger, he can strike up a convo with anyone. This morning while grocery shopping he decided to chat up a gentleman unloading boxes of muffins into a display. The man was very kind and took a moment to stop what he was doing to chat with a 5 year old. I felt it in my heart to give him the last Starbuck’s gift card I had on hand. He graciously accepted with a smile on his face. I hope Matt enjoys his treat!

November 1st•Day 24

Today I shared some love and kindness to the teacher’s and staff at my daughter’s school by doing my part in providing them with dinner while they held conferences all evening. I can’t stress enough how important it is for families to contribute in ANY way, big or small, to their schools.

Every. Single. Thing. Matters!

November 2nd•Day 25

Some days don’t go to plan and that’s ok. In the words of John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”.

You know after 25 days of this project it’s second nature now for me to be thinking about and planning gifts of love. The plan for today? Well, I was making a post office run and there’s this gentleman that works there and in the 4 years I’ve been going there he is always a breath of fresh air. He exudes positivity and kindness, and I really wanted to do something nice for him at some point during this project.

Starbuck’s is having a promotion today where you could get a free reusable mug. I’m not the biggest Starbuck’s fan- I tend to prefer Dunkin’, but sometimes a fun coffee calls for a Starbuck’s trip. I had planned to pick up Brynlee from school, grab a coffee for me and Mr. Post Office, and run to the post office to drop off some packages and brighten his day.

Well, remember that life stuff?

My sweet daughter has anxiety. She is so brave and strong and fights it daily. Most days are good and that makes me so happy! But some days, like today, are hard. All she wanted to do was go home. When I told her the plan she had an attack. This was not a typical, bratty I-just-want-my-way crying tantrum. This was a cry for help. A daughter’s plea to her mother, her safe place, to go home and unwind and breathe and de-stress her overcharged day away.

So that’s what we did. Today, I was kind and loving to my daughter. We snuggled in bed and laughed. And later we will make chocolate chip cookies and she will have a movie night “sleepover” with her brother, because it’s the weekend and that’s what we do on weekends. She is my whole world. Starbuck’s and Mr. Post Office man can wait just a couple more days. And hey, maybe everything does happen for a reason and it’ll mean more to him on another day.

And while we are on the subject of daughters here are a few important things to teach them:

•Travel light through life. Keep only what you need.

• It’s okay to cry when you’re hurt. It’s also okay to smash (some) things; but, wash your face, clean your mess, and get up off the floor when you’re done. You don’t belong down there.

• If you’re going to curse, be clever. If you’re going to curse in public, know your audience.

• Seek out the people and places that resonate with your soul.

• Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

• 5-second rule. It’s just dirt. There are worse things in a fast food cheeseburger.

• Happiness is not a permanent state. Wholeness is. Don’t confuse these.

• Be less sugar, more spice, and only as nice as you’re able to without compromising yourself.

• Can’t is a cop-out.

• Hold your heroes to a high standard. Be your own hero.

• If you can’t smile with your eyes, don’t smile. Insincerity is nothing to aspire to.

• Never lie to yourself.

• Your body, take care of it.

• If you have an opinion, you better know why.

• Practice your passions.

• Ask for what you want. The worst thing they can say is no.

• Wish on stars and dandelions, then get to work to make them happen.

• Stay as sweet as you are.

• Fall in love often. Particularly with ideas, art, music, literature, food and far-off places.

• Fall hard and forever in love with nothing but yourself.

• Say Please, Thank You, and Pardon Me, whenever the situation warrants it.

• Reserve “I’m sorry” for when you truly are.

• Naps are for grown-ups, too.

• Question everything, except your own intuition.

• You have enough. You are enough.

• You are amazing! Don’t let anyone ever make you feel you are not. If someone does….walk away. You deserve better.

• No matter where you are, you can always come home.

• Be happy and remember your roots, family is EVERYTHING.

• Say what you mean and mean what you say.

• No one will ever love you more than I do.

• Be kind; treat others how you would like them to treat you.

• If in doubt, remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown.

November 3rd•Day 26

Something I have learned through this journey is that acts of love and kindness don’t necessarily have to be one specific thing or grand gesture. Sometimes it’s an accumulation of the simple things in life. This evening I shared the gift of my time with friends and family. We enjoyed good company, good food, and big laughs! I love this life I’m living because I’m living it well and am surrounding myself with people who refurn my love and kindness tenfold. There’s nothing sweeter in life than time with those you love. I’m lucky to love and be loved by so many incredible humans.

November 4th•Day 27

Today I’d like to keep my acts of love and kindness private. My heart and soul are whole today.

November 5th•Day 28

This morning Tyler and I bought breakfast for a lady behind us at McDonald’s. We hope it made her day!

November 6th•Day 29

Today (and yesterday too) I gave the gift of pampering to 3 women. These ladies more than deserve the pampering I believe they wouldn’t otherwise have treated themselves to. I hope they know just how hard working and so very special they are -for all that they do!! I am blessed to know them, and blessed to be in the position within my job to be able to gift these feel-good products. I hope they feel my love and gratitude as they use these items to take moments just for themselves.

November 7th•Day 30

Today as I was driving to take my son to preschool I passed a crew working on the side of the road. One of the men I recognized. His name is John, and not only did we go to school together but we lived in the same apartment complex for a couple years during High School.

John and his family will always bring fond memories to my heart. Like our morning talks while waiting for the bus! His late parents were the kindest humans. I remember once finding a stray kitten and I walked door to door in my neighborhood pleading for someone to claim her or take her. My last hope was John’s family. I knocked on the door and his dad answered. I told him about my dilemma and without a word he simply reached out his hands toward the kitten. And that was it. They took her in and loved her forever. I’ll never forget the image of him, this big burly man, grabbing a tiny kitten from me and holding her in his palm.

As soon as I saw John working today I knew I wanted to do something nice for him and his crew. So I grabbed them some donuts! I hope it brightened their morning.

November 8th•Day 31

My sweet friend makes these incredible caps and ‘lap’ghans for chemotherapy patients, as well as stillborn/miscarriage blankets. She pours her heart and love into each homemade item and donates them to local hospitals. I wanted to get her some yarn and asked my friends for help. They pulled through and I obtained a nice sized collection for her. I hope she knows how special she is for making such gifts for people. And I am super grateful for my friends who pitched in!

November 9th•Day 32

Today I had a friend inquire on picking up her order of The Healer skin stick for her chapped hands. I thought it would be nice to give her a couple chocolate covered strawberries I had extra of from today’s Love Dipped orders.

When she came over she told me how stressed she was and when I told her about the strawberries she smiled and told me she really needed the treat! I was happy to put a smile on her face. Enjoy Cindy! You deserve to take a break and indulge a little.

November 10th•Day 33 (Yesterday)

I gave this $10 Giant Eagle card to our server last night, in addition to her tip. Being an ex-server myself, I remember how tough and thankless the job could be. She shared with me how she learned to share acts of kindness through her church and that she sometimes buys coffee for people in line behind her at drive-thru’s. She thanked me and told me she’d pay it forward. Anna was a fabulous server!

November 11th•Day 34 !!!!

I did it! Today is my 34th birthday and I completed 34 acts of love and kindness! My heart is so full. This project truly made an impact on my life and I hope the lives of many others. Today I gave out hugs. Lots of loving hugs. I had THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Spread love wherever you go. ♡

♡ Leanna💋

If I Was You I’d Wanna Be Me… Too!

Why are messages of positivity and self­-love always in our faces as something we should aspire to do, but at the same time those very things will be cause for ostracization? Like, “oh, she’s too much” or “She’s so cocky”, or “she’s just so full of herself”… or my personal favorite “she’s so fake!”.

Let me tell you something: By no means do I think I am a perfect goddess absolved of all imperfections and wrongdoings. Do you know how many times I don’t want to post a photo of myself on social media because I don’t like something about the way I look? My lips are too thin. My nose looks like a penis. My fat roll is showing. My double chin is Jabba The Hutt-ing. I am far from perfect in so many ways. I make mistakes. I’m inadequate. I’m a mess. I’m overwhelmed. But, I still can confidently say that I love myself and I’m proud of who I am!

It’s ok to feel good about yourself amid the imperfections.

^^^ daaaaamnnn, that was good. Read that again, girl.

You don’t have to be perfect to love who you are! Hell. to. the. no! You have permission to be 100% you… messy and unorganized and sweary and all the things that make you YOU, and love it like there’s no tomorrow, regardless of what others perceive as flaws.

You can be mess, but be a hot mess.

You can feel chaotic, just be sure to embrace the shit out of it.

You can feel inadequate, but accept it and commit to growth.

If you aren’t obsessed with your life, change it! You should be! You deserve happiness. You deserve to feel electric. You deserve to have a life that is worthy of the title of being your one and only life!

One last note. You do not need to love yourself first before anyone else can love you or before you can love someone. That’s bullshit. You need to love yourself, in all your glory. Period.


Upcycled Disinfectant Container

This was a quick and easy project I did with supplies I already had on hand, leftover from other various projects.


Start out with any empty container.

Wash and dry.

Cut out fabric to size. I folded over some rough edges and used adhesive spray for a cleaner edge.

Then spray adhesive spray (follow instructions on can) on the raw, short edge of the fabric and place on the container. Continue to spray and smooth and roll fabric on the container until covered.

You can use the container for all sorts of storage or organization!

{I’m using my container for plastic bag storage. Fold bags in half and layer bottom to handle. Then roll from left to right adding in additional bags. Keep the handles of the first, inner bag out (see photo below) so the bags will dispense from the center.}

Ta-da! Super chic! …. and it matches my chairs!





Sometime you just need a ‘sandwhich’. Lettuce wrap with turkey, salami, mayo, brown mustard, pickle, and tomato. 👌


Rainbow carrots and regular ‘ole ranch.


Chicken breast tenderloin ‘wings’. With wing sauces and ranch. A side of sweet potato fries, and some cherry vodka and sparking water which I couldn’t even drink half of. I switched to plain water. 

Day 2 was ok. I was so tired from not sleeping well the night before so I felt pretty blah. But food wise I am happy. Everything was delicious. 


Dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man

Dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man,

I apologize for not moving fast enough for you. You see, our van’s anti lock brakes have been kicking on for no reason. It was too cold to walk my child to school this morning and since the van is typically ok for short distances, I decided to drive the 3 blocks to school. As I pulled out of the parking lot I approached you when the breaks began to kick in. I wasn’t able to accelerate. You kindly waved me ahead and while I appreciated the gesture I was at the mercy of my breaks. I immediately turned on my hazzards in hopes to signal you and others around me of my dilemma. I needed some grace, but instead all I got were frustrated arm gestures and a disappointing head shake from you.

Why are we all so impatient? Why are we so quick to be the worst versions of ourselves? Why are we so damn selfish? You never know what someone else might be going through:

  • The lady in the grocery store that you shared a smile with is the same woman you would later flip off in the parking lot. She is struggling with depression and today was her first day out of bed in weeks.
  • The man begging on the corner for money fought for our country and has no food or place to sleep.
  • The grumpy cashier is planning on ending her life today.
  • The slow server just found a lump in her breast.
  • The woman with the iPhone and designer bag using a food card is a foster mom of 8.
  • The suspicion teen walking into your store is taking care of his young siblings because his mom is a drunk and his dad is in jail.
  • The woman who seems to have it all together cries when she is alone.
  • The little boy who doesn’t say ‘Thank You’ isn’t rude, he has social anxiety.
  • The Mary Poppins mom who’s life you envy does all she can not to fall apart from her overwhelming life.
  • The child who isn’t wearing socks or shoes at the store has a sensory disorder.
  • The friend in your your life who is sickeningly positive and optimistic has every reason to be the opposite but she chooses the light.
  • The woman who is driving too slow is having car troubles.
  • The city worker cleaning the street just found out his son is in the hospital and all he wants is to get the job done so he can be by his side.

So, my dear Cuyahoga Falls Street Sweeper Man, I’ll give you my grace today…

Because we all have a story.

♡Sincerely, Leanna 

I’m Never Going To Sell You Shit On Facebook.

So, correct me if I’m wrong…

When someome recommends a lipstick they got in their Ipsy bag, you’re intrigued and want to try it.
When someone suggests a show on Netflix, you binge.
When someome finds the PERFECT hair serum they post about it and you make sure to buy it on your next trip to Target.
When someone shares a Kohl’s coupon code, you run to the website and save the heck out of that 30%!

But when I share about a face mask or hand creme it’s suspicious because I make money off of it?
Why do we trust our friends enough to put money in the pockets of some big corporation, but not enough to support the mom who is just trying to pay some bills?

I was in this moms group on Facebook. 


Today, one of the women made a post asking what our favorite makeup was. I named a few brands that I’ve loved from my Ipsy bags as well as Perfectly Posh. When she said she never heard of Posh I told her about our new, awesome lip stain, Vial. I didn’t share any links or graphics, nor try to sell her on it at all. I just simply shared how much I loved it and my eperience with it. An admin of the group told me I wasn’t allowed to “advertise”, except on Tuesdays.

This is whats wrong with the stigma of direct sales.

When you force advertising stipulations on consultants it only exacerbates the spammy and annoying sales pitches. 

I don’t want to advertise on Tuesday’s. I don’t want to “advertise” at all. I want to chat woman to woman about the Better Than Sex Mascara I am obsessed with because it makes my lashes so sexy. I want to tell a friend how much I adore Stranger Things on Netflix because I know she’ll love it too. And dammit, I want to tell the world about Vial By Perfectly Posh because for a girl who loves makeup, but not the fuss, it makes me feel gorgeous and put together, and not the mom-bun sporting, sweat-pant-wearing, hot-mess disaster I really am. 

Why am I successful with Posh ?

Because I don’t sell it. I share it. 

♡ Leanna 

Things that go bump in… my mind.

Dead. I just died. 

Week 2 of Bryan being gone Tuesday nights for his dart league and I’m still adjusting. I dont remember being such a scaredy cat last season… but here I am, not able to sleep, freaking out over every noise. About 30 minutes ago I heard voices and noises outside and assumed he was home in the driveway. When he didnt come in after a while I got up and looked and turned on our security light, garage light, checked the kids, searched the basement, and had 911 ready on my phone… you know, completely rational stuff. 


I go back to bed and am reading articles on the life span of sperm (you know how one click leads to another and another and before you know it you’re like how the hell did I end up here!?), and 30 minutes later I hear more noises. I’m flipping out. I get up fully expecting to see a serial killer in my kitchen. I approach the hall and I hear it again, only this time I realize….

…..it’s the ICE MACHINE!

The flipping ice being dumped into my freezer. Good Lord.

The very moment is sigh a breath of relief I hear a machine gun going off to my right through my open living room window. My heart is in my throat and I can’t breathe… until I realize it was only the sound of my neighbors car starting. 



Holy shit.

The Mommy Effer is BACK! (3 years later….)

Whew! SO much has happend in my life in the past 3 years. My last blog entry was 33 months ago to be exact. But who’s counting? I’ve decided to revamp this blog because I NEED it. Motherhood, my business, and ‘wifely’ duties have consumed me. Writing is an outlet. Being creative is my therapy. Laughing at my life relieves stress. Sarcasm is my drug of choice, next to wine. This blog makes me feel good. I want to feel good again. I want to find me again!

So, allow me to re introduce myself and my family:

Here is me. And wine. 

And here is my cute little family!♡

Bryan and I have been together for 9 years. Brynlee is 6 and Tyler is 4. 

What does the future of Mommy Effer have in store? This blog will be just as it was plus more! I want to share and document my life in it’s chaotic, hilarious entirety. I will keep things funny and fun. I will share recipes, workouts, Snapchat videos that explain why my kids are the reason I drink wine, Perfectly Posh skin care reviews, and things that I hope touch your soul. 

My goal is to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you feel not so alone in motherhood.